Join Rebel3Squad!

We are currently only looking for lv8 and above players who will be active in squad wars.

We are a squad on iOS/Android version of game Star Wars Force Commander. We have over 20 active players from around the world who donated over 100 thousand troops to each other over the past year. Our squad level is 48 which means we have the maximum five perk slots to use giving you an advantage against the empire. The squad level is rising rapidly as we win squad wars having won over sixty of them at this moment in time.

We are seasoned players who were fed up with the inactive squads we used to belong to. If that sounds familiar, then chances are you will feel at home finally at Rebel3Squad. Newbies are welcome to join.

To join your level is no issue. All we ask is that you play the game via settings in the English language (otherwise you cannot see us chat). Good mix of players from around the world means usually someone will be on when you are.

Key is donating regularly 10 units a day and investing the rep point thus gained to upgrade perks – and only giving what is requested! Also to aid communication must play the game via settings in English, and subscribe to the website.


Please mention you saw advert on the blog when joining!  Also which planets you have unlocked. If you leave the auto message “I’d like to join your squad” your request will be denied. Note that on Saturday/Sundays while playing squad wars we reject requests in case of imperial spies and saboteurs. 

Look forward to welcoming you to Rebel3Squad