50th Squad War Win

And the award for most awesome Star Wars Commander Squad, with 50 wins out of 55 squad war wins is:


45-20 against Tronhunters, we were always on top of them. Lag time issues at the start were worst ever experienced in a war, but we kept communicating what was happening and followed the gameplan. 

Proud of you all!

Please see Fundin’s post about the weekend war. 

Team Squad War 23-25 November

Big thanks to those that made clear they were available or not available for the war – that has meant I have been able to put together a team that can be on at the start.

Vital everyone is on at start (with the exception of Roger and Hel who guard planets late in the game).

Turd/Luko/Greg/Nemisis/Kenway – attackers going for 15 bases quick as possible

Sarjo/Val/Kik/King/TNT/Eor/Roger/Hel – Planet takers (possibly uplinks as needed)

AND – planet taker and uplinks as needed

We are looking for our 50th win in 55 wars. 

However you are enjoying the holidays, enjoy yourselves! Do let Fundin know if Thanks giving weekend makes you unavailable for the next squad war.