New members incoming

Six members from Citius.Fortius will be coming to join us, as their squad has become inactive. An indication of that is you might recall the thrilling squad war we had with mando’a (which was the first ever blog post here) where we were 39-0 up then they made it 39-40 before we came back to win 44-40.

Citius.Fortius just lost to them 45-2. 

So we will give them a warm welcome, and let them see how we play squad wars – the team announced previously still stands for today’s matchmaking at 6PM today. 

The players to look out for are:

Turd Ferguson (who made contact)




Tee Airwalker

They range from level 10-8. 

Thanks for joining and do please subscribe to this blog so you get posts straight to your inbox and know what is happening.

Please let me know what time zones you are in, and what planets you have unlocked. 

Hope you enjoy the squad!