The Last Day Of R3S

At 4PM London time I will be looking to join OuterRimRioters, with Val and Omega coming over today as well. I believe this will dissolve Rebel3Squad.

It is not the name of a squad but the people playing together, enjoying the highs and bearing the lows as one, which makes a community of gamers. Our pride is in what we achieved together.

We make our fortunes to keep our achievements going forward and not looking back on our glory days. For we know there is more to be had, and it is better done in good company than just a small band of brothers.

It will also continue to give me time to enjoy the game, as organising wars will not get in the way.

So to all R3S please from today onwards join OuterRimRioters. Will see you there later today.

Thanks for the fun in R3S; let us continue it in ORR.

ORR hosting our usual squad war this weekend

From Qui – who will be running the war:

“ORR would like to host a Sunday 11 Feb war at our old R3S time. (12:00 Central here in the states, I think that makes in 6:00pm in England?)

Would love to have y’all visit, perhaps we can get a fair matchup!!!

Please hop over by Saturday so I can get you in lineup…”

So join OuterRimRioters in time to be in line up!