Battle Score 100k

Well done everyone – for the first time our battle score is over 100k medals. We are also in the top 1,500. 

Thanks for making the squad what it is – our 36th squad war win was done in epic fashion today 45 V 18 against Bounty Hunter. 

Congratulations everyone! 

New Armoury coming to game

From level 6 onwards players will be able to build an armoury – this will give access to particular improvements to certain units via “equipment”. To unlock and then upgrade the equipment you will need to collect a certain amount of “fragment data” obtainable via supply crates. The upgrading will be in the existing research lab, and you cannot upgrade anything else while upgrading equipment. 

As an added twist, the equipment may in some circumstances only be used on certain planets.  Other than that, it is up to you what equipment to activate and deactive. 

For more read the developers blog.

The Invincible Troop Glitch

The invincibility glitch just happened again during my Rancor Defence. You can see Leia is standing on a destroyed wall – the two rancors cannot touch her so she kills them both. 

Despite the fact they had both been attacking her for at least 15 seconds!

Great when it happens for you – not so good when trying to take a planet when the unit is against you!

The End end game Darth’s_Dan

Mincie has two attacks left, Focker and Hel one each. Guard Tatooine and Yavin4. 37 uplinks should be enough to win, keeping/retaking planets for as long as we can should be enough. 

See planet taking guide if need advice.

Good luck and well played – their squad centres were well defended so 37 respectable score. However, everyone must learn to deploy counter measures to deal with (as mentioned here). Rather than just go, oh speeders got me.