When the Clocks Go Back

In the UK and EU the clocks go back this Sunday. For our US and Candian friends it is next Sunday. This means:

In UK Sunday 30th October attack phase will be 5PM (an hour sooner) than when matchmaking started at 6PM previous day.

When I start matchmaking Wednesday 2 Novemeber, in US and outside Europe, will be an hour earlier than normal, as will attack phase. 

Once we get to Sunday 6 November clocks will have gone back for us all so squad wars will start at the same for everyone as they always have.

Any confusion refer to countdown in the game!

Need to know if next Wednesday squad war will cause problems for those of you based in the US.

Those who have clocks go back in UK/US can you come on 5PM UK time this Sunday or will you be later? 

Squad War 29-31 October

The clocks go back for us Brits this Sunday – so while matchmaking will start 6PM UK time today, the attack phase will be 5PM for us on Sunday. Will this cause any problems for when people can be on? Let me know if no problem or if it makes sense to start an hour later today or if that screws up start times in rest of the world. 

Want to give Suicide King a chance to fight this war – usually Hung busy at weekend so might swap round. Otherwise squad team the same as last time unless someone lets me know too busy to play.

As always let me know in advance either commenting here (let me know your player name if not obvious) before I choose the team.

Great job getting to level 40!

Be Ready

They have attacked our bottom three now.

I suspect they will go for the planets soon.

Planet grabbers be ready to act. Lizard if you are ready please say so on chat in game. 

38 uplinks is good start – Nemisis can you please start hoovering uplinks starting with lv8 Rambo. Luko want to try Shake & bake for 2 uplinks?

Good luck all! 

45 V 26 SGDurianEMP

A turely fantastic win that will mean when everyone invests their 10 reputation points we will upgrade as a squad to level 40. Giving us that extra fifth perk slot to use. 

We knew it would be 2AM for them in Singapore when the war started, and we took advantage to get 45 uplinks without having planets contested. 

When they woke up we made sure to keep the planets we needed to win. We showed the advantage of having an international squad, united in a common purpose. 

To take it to the imperials!

Really proud how you all performed. Do yourselves proud. 

First round in the cantina is on me. 

Squad War 22 – 24 October

Keeping with the same team as last time – key is to be on early as you can. Val will be back in squad from next war, and King’s upgrading will mean they will be available fairly soon.

So lower levels will need to rotate you in future wars. Key thing: unlock planets we need covering maxing your command centre, get your squad centre maxed, and impress with your ability to get planets and uplinks so that I cannot afford to rotate you.


I do try to be fair, but more importantly I need to pick the best team that can win given matchmaking. 

UPDATE: Val has replaced Hung who is busy with family this weekend. 

FMS failed to initialise

Unable to get on the game at the moment due to this error. I think the Squad War is safely ours. As Sun-Tzu might say, a battle is won or lost before it is begun.

Well done everyone – while we missed Val not being on we rallied together to ensure the win would be ours.