I’ve turned to the dark sideĀ 

Or to be more accurate, the glitch which means your base becomes an enemy base is back! Also issues finding opponents on er kit.

Everyone is having issues at the mo on there. 

Another one is trying to donate special units like dead troops, rancors – error code comes up and game restarts. And even deploying screws up an attack. Two squad wars running people using infiltrators had their attack crash, sometimes using up one of their three attacks.

Still, nothing compared to heroes you used on heroic defence suddenly defending the imperial base you attack next. That one was fun …

FMS failed to initialise

Unable to get on the game at the moment due to this error. I think the Squad War is safely ours. As Sun-Tzu might say, a battle is won or lost before it is begun.

Well done everyone – while we missed Val not being on we rallied together to ensure the win would be ours.