Booted Tey 

We all have to learn to communicate in the game – but we also need to keep it fun. Whilst we have a rule to donate only what is requested, if your request is ambiguous then own it.

Usually rebel soldiers are rebs or soldiers. Inf could mean infantry (though they are called “rebel soldiers” officially) or infiltrators. Especially as so many of us have unlocked now.

Tey got quite upset inf was read as infiltrator. Which they had asked for with 2 skiffs. 2 skiffs and 2 infiltrators would be 20/22 space in squad centre. It transpires they meant 4 speeders and two rebel soldiers 22/22.

Despite trying to explain we cannot be Jedi mind readers I fear they got worked up blaming me, lack of acronyms on website, and said I should take a leadership communication course etc. Rather than moving on to avoid confusion in the future once I had explained the ambiguity and how to avoid in future, Tey seemed to be determined no fault was theirs. Rather than accept my help, insults were given to me. 

Just to reassure – if a request isn’t clear or is corrected in chat but you give what was originally requested I do not consider that a breach of our rule. Even if rule is breached a newbie is given the benefit of the doubt till it no longer applies; and once in a blue moon fair enough not on purpose.

Insulting me really should not come as a surprise that it might lead to being booted. And if you state 2 skiffs when you mean 4 speeders but moan about others communication skills … jog on. 

Cheers to Kiks and SOJ who witnessed the exchange. I appreciate Kenway might be torn by this, but my decision to boot Tey is final. 

All read: Squad War Sign Up 1-3 February

I need everyone to state whether they are available or not; we are getting so short of people to choose from it is essential that we know for sure who is available. 

If you are only available from a certain time please state that. Ideally we need everyone on at start especially attackers for the first attack, getting other rtwonin quick as possible. Lower levels ready to grab and retake planets, answering notifications in later part of war. 

That was close … too close 

“This will be close – be at your best.”

40 uplinks without Yavin and Takodana was good, but our best was not good enough against this squad as they got 41 uplinks with one attack remaining. 

We win as a team, we lose as a team. People will rue the star they missed, the planet grab that did not work out. All you can do is learn to play the game to give us an edge in a tight war. 

Before the attack phase happens study bases and make plans how to fight, and know how to deal with lv10 troops in a squad centre. If you need tips or want to strategise, then comments on the recon post is the one to do so on. 

We put up a good fight, but them having four level 10s to attack bases (to our two) gave them the edge, with their lower levels taking back level nine planets.