Dandoran has fallen

They have had Dandoran for an hour – yet not attacked any of our bases. However, with 25 attacks left and score at 40 V 12 we still need to bring the game home.

Hopefully someone sees this who can take it back. 

With three 45 V 45 draws this could be our first win in 90 days. Let’s be sure it is! 


Rise Again

I am playing SWC less these days, just defending and keeping resources ticking. Still coming on each day, and reading chat. I have had my fill of busting a gut to get a unique unit to level 10 only to find it superceeded by a unit we can all improve relatively easily. Plus the incompetence which meant we could not play squad wars for weeks, and a ruined matchmaking system which means we are not paired correctly when we could. Also, having upgraded my base to max, not really the same thrill to keep attacking. 


I have started playing DomiNations (from the makers of Rise of Nations) which is a build base fight bases like SWC, where progress is through epochs starting from Stone Age to the Space Age. Key differences which improve the gameplay:

Any troops that survive a battle are immediately available for the next battle.

If you do lose some troops or al of them, and want to use same loadout again, at touch of one button what you need will start to be trained for you. 

[you can save three layouts of your base and in addition a fourth for war events, and leave unfinished to come back to later providing one of the layouts is complete. With an easy copy and paste option of existing layouts to tinker with!]

There are five stars for total victory, one of which will mean defeat for your base and a peace treaty protection period. Result is your base does not lose loads of resources, making easier to save resources to upgrade things. And if you want a win, variety of ways you can go for it. 

You have many nations to chose from with a wide variety of attributes to suite your style of playing. You can chose to change nationality at any point. 

You get tactics which become more advanced as you progress through the epochs. You start with a timed ability to redirect all your units to move to a certain place after being deployed. No more fate dictating where troops happen to go!

You can challenge other members of same alliance to a friendly attack on your base where no one loses troops or resources. Good way to replay attack and defence tactics.

Could go on, but I can see why this game has made over $100 million since it’s release. I like its fun and quirky aspect too. A serious game which does not take itself too seriously, while ensuring gameplay is better than most. 

The clan I have created is called Rise Again. TNT and Qui have joined so far. I hope others will take a look at the game. There are war events which do not seem to require us to be on at same time, only to attack within a certain time period. Once a few more of us are on, we can look at doing that. 

At the very least, it is something to do while waiting for star command to train and droideka to repair in SWC. I also hope rather than anyone just giving up on SWC as in past, they have another game while keeping with the same band of brothers which is why so many of us have stuck with SWC for so long. 

Brave New World

Jets and Rancors

Equipped Jets do seem to be the way forward for defence – not least against rancors that have come to check out our bases in heroic defences. They have not improved rancor stats since turrets and jets were equipped. Result is an easy way to get frags! For attack only way I am getting 100% on main game is using equipped jets. 

Have updated Squad War results. Whilst we have not played in August we have had 33 squad wars this year: winning 23, draw 4, lost 6. 


In case you have not been following comments on here, Helraiser has not been able to play the game on his device since latest update. Result is they are unintentionally leaving the game. Hel as you know from my previous comment you were a valuable and much appreciated member of R3S. Link your game to Facebook and note your id details, so if you do get a new device in the future you can come back to same account. More than welcome to rejoin us at Rebel3Squad. 

For Squad Wars we are getting thin on the ground without Hel; with AND autobooting and Val telling me today they cannot use their noob account it’s going to be tricky.

Appreciate that Qui and Dantooima want to play, and assuming can make start good options for Fundin. Have asked WRD2 if they want to play Squad Wars however they fail to mention when available. If you are reading please let Fundin know when they do their war post. 


Ignoring the three second accounts we have to help make up numbers means we have below 15 active members. So I need all of you to help me by advertising the game on the forum so we can try and get active players. 

Whilst I am all for trying new people to the game, retention rates are so low for them whilst effort to help is very high. I will not say no because we need active players requesting and donating. However lv7 plus players tend to be more committed to staying on in the game. However, active is the key at this moment not level. 

Squad Level

We are just 600 odd reputation points from being at the maximum squad level! That is a special achievement that reflects the commitment you have given to each other. We should hopefully do that come the Autumn. 

Well done everyone

AND if you are there do please come on to the game before it boots you from squad automatically. If it does please feel free to rejoin.

Our squad war was on a knife edge but our last three base attacks saw us get to 41 and holding the three planets at end. If we had given up going for it we would have lost 38 V 39. So well done for coming on and going for it.

As always if you need to disappear do let us know. Blog is ideal way of letting us know when you will be back, or unavailable. Reason we created the blog. The chat lag can mean messages do not post for five minutes – and easily lost.

It also means for example I ended up with six speeders in sullust squad centre simply because it did not update in time for people wanting to give. We might need to coordinate donating so that does not happen. As ever, give players benefit of the doubt if you do not get what you want – it is a lag chat issue. 

It is a nice problem to have that people are so keen to donate, and with guard equipment using squad centre in attack more useful than ever. Also, with desert jets I suspect many of our bases may need sonics again to deal with, and snipers on squad centre to take out from a distance.

AND has been absent for 27 days, and the game will auto boot – I cannot stop that. Extrachewie decided to leave, though they had not been very active. I fear Ben might also auto lapse. 

Welcome back to WRD2 from his holiday. No idea if they will finally make themselves available for squad wars. All they have to do is comment on Fundin’s sign up posts to be considered. 

Soon we will be a max lv50 squad. A testament to your gaming and commitment to Rebel3Squad. The camaraderie and team spirit is what makes the squad what it is.  

Planets going

They have just taken Hoth and Tako. With five hours to go this is their last chance assuming not rushing with crystals.

Must take Tako back, and if not have Tako, Hoth.

They have 12 lv10 attacks. We have 13 bases needing 100%. So take these planets back and we have all but won.

Lv49 Squad and recruitment

We are one level away from maximising our squad level. That is a testament to you helping other players out with donations, and executing gameplans for squad wars which see us win nine times out of ten. Will mention what we need to do about squad wars with new members bit later in this post. 

With the new guard defence equipment, winning in the regular game got that much harder. Hopefully, with the right base design it might make holding resources easier with defence. The problem is by having conflicts on every planet, even if your base holds your resources can be drained from multiple attacks. Occasional players might see any gained loot, plus, taken in one big hit. 

As always, the need to evolve and redesign your base to see what works is important. Never do it to win the last battle. Design it so it will win majority of defences. Look at those of us with big defence wins for inspiration, and especially look at conflict lists for those whose defence stands out. 

I really do not care about your medal counts. Key is you can get the resources you need to upgrade your base and units. If you need troops in squad centre to attack, feel free to ask. Most of us have donation objectives or reputation points to accrue. If there is a huge difference in your donations and requests, not going to be held against you unless we see you are ignoring others requests for no good reason when playing and requesting yourself. 

Squad Wars

Squad wars are still lots of fun to play. Against a squad higher ranked than us we only just lost 42-43. I hope AND comes back, but in their absence we lack level 10 attacks. With three weak accounts making up the numbers we lose attacks and uplinks too easily. This costs us. 
So for new members that have joined (warm welcome to you!) please look out for Fundin’s post asking who is available for squad wars on here. He usually posts on a Friday. If you subscribe to blog via email, you will be notified when he has posted. If you need the password please ask in chat.

Officers, please encourage new members to check out this website and repeat the above to them. Right now we need to be only accepting members who are strong level 6 onwards who can help out with squad wars. If strong level 9/10 even better!

I do not believe we have the numbers for a mid week war, so will continue with just Fundin’s at the weekend, with attack phase starting around 6PM UK time Sunday. 

I kicked KP today because they keep going awol, only briefly on, and this time absent over 23 days. Will be keeping an eye out on others. If you are having a holiday or too busy for a week or two let me know!