To boldly go where no one has gone before …

Well done everyone for showing a squad that where a lot tougher than us, that we could be as tough as them with the right planets. 
When I am waiting for droideka to repair or star command to fill up, I have started playing Star Trek Timelines. Completely different to this game, it is like an adventure story with various missions you do with Star Trek crew from all the various series there have ever been. Various skill sets and traits people have (e.g. Picard diplomacy, Spock Science) are used to make your missions successful. You upgrade crew as you go.

Give it a try, and if you like the game you can join the squad I have set up on there called imaginatively: USS-R3S

Unlike here there are time intervals when events happen so there is not a be on at this time factor.  You do not donate anything to each other. It is rather your progression during an event (which gives you many useful items and bonuses) which helps out the squad. So play at your own pace – it is very much a sit back and relax while waiting for Star War troops to train. 

Hope you enjoy; make it so!

Off the game next 6 days

From Thursday 20 April till Tuesday 25th April I will be travelling to conferences and meeting up with family. So whilst I might get on just before bedtime or in early hours doubt be playing much. Do not panic if I am not on at all during this period. I might just be enjoying myself. 

The Return of the Jedi – of the last Jedi – is certain middle of next week.

In May might try a mid week war – so if you are missing it and want it back, or will be available for it having previously never been, please drop a comment on here. 

All the best for squad war this weekend. We have been so close last few times. Keep the faith, follow Fundin’s orders, be active at start, and have fun. Take that glory its there waiting for you! 

Lv8 plus players needed

We need people who can play squad wars and are level 8 plus joining. We need to advertise this in the forum. I mentioned this on April 3rd.

Sadly our squad was filled with players way below that level today. Thankfully I was on to boot some inactive newbies but we cannot afford to not have room for the players we need to be competitive in squad wars.

Our info that all would be joiners can read clearly states:

So please officers make sure if you accept someone and they are below level 8 you boot them immediately. It is made clear enough in our introduction. 

If someone is a strong level 7, and says really want to join, then you can leave it to me to make a final judgment having accepted them. Likewise if they are a weak level 8 plus. Because a weak defence but strong offence maybe just what we need in squad wars with matchmaking. 

Please advertise on the forum too stating level 8 and for squad wars – much more likely to get active people to join that way. 

Offline due to Internet

Finally someone at BT (British Telecom) had on their system when doing tests on my internet  “book engineer” so  hopefully when they come round Monday my internet will be sorted out. 

Result is will not be on as much, and if I am might disappear at any moment so understand if someone else donates what I said if I’m taking far too long to train and donate.

Needless to say I am unavailable for squad war this weekend as a result. 

Recruitment Policy

Note to officers: we now need to ensure last three spots are only filled by level 8 and above players who will be active in our squad war at the weekend.

We have enough newbies who hopefully one day will be strong enough. We now need some already strong experienced and above all skilful players.

Please help by advertising on the unofficial forum when you know will be around on game, mentioning what we are after.

Thanks. Very close war, fun though disappointing finish.