Welcome to Rebel3Squad Blog

To make coordinating squad wars, tactics and sharing info about the game easier, I have created this blog. During squad wars a post will be made for that war – please ensure you subscribe to that post and all comments. That way via your email you can be kept up to date what is going on, and what needs doing.

I will make them password protected – will tell you what that is in game chat. Obviously, in case newbies join during a squad war we will try not to share too often!

My plan is to create pages for taking planets – hopefully I can work out how to post a video of me doing it.

Obviously do not go mad posting all the time in comments – regular chat in game is for that! It is meant to be for example seeing my last battle orders, or you setting off the alarm planets taken need people on quick!

To know more about the squad do read Join Rebel3Squad!

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Rebel3Squad Blog

  1. Sarj what are you talking about in this post

    Focker and Rico have been dropped – Rico because they always seem to have at least two attacks left over after a war. Focker has yet to edit their Sullust base as posted while back (I gave up asking in chat) to match their normal base with a defended HQ.

    I don’t know what you mean by editing my Sullest base.

    Let me know. I hate missing out on wars!


  2. Sent a request to join your squad. The name is Luko. I’m currently a LVL10 officer in Sabermaster’s. Looking for a squad who is as active as me. You guys seem like a good fit! The only issue you may have with me is that im a jackal. I hunt resources all day every day. My medal count is nil. That being said if medal count is big for your squad I would willingly change tactics and build that medal count. but as of right now i’m at a zero.
    I’m very active. On a dozen times per day donating. I’ve upgraded most troops to lvl x some are a little lower. Most buildings are at lvl 8 or higher and all turrets are at lvl 8. I’M NOT HACKED. I’m clean 100 percent. Im’ currently building up my armoury. I’m 6 days away from it being upgraded to the max. now i’m just crushing crates every day to get all of the new upgrade-able pieces to their max. I have one other member who is just as active as me and would likely entertain joining. I’ve donated 5,300 troops and received 3400. also donated 212 rep points. thats all off of daily donations. we did like 6 wars since inception so most of that rep donation is on the daily stuff.


    • Thanks for joining! What matters more is donating what is requested, and investing rep points. When it comes to squad wars, following the game plan and being able to attack and defend base.

      4AM here in U.K. so will speak more to you later! Hope you enjoy it here at Rebel3Squad.


  3. Sarj nothing important, just wondering that since you are moderator for blog, and dogma has commented here before, do you by any chance have any way of contacting him? His email perhaps? I know it sounds silly, but he was one of the more active chaps and it is really sad to see him go. I didnt even get to say my goodbye. Haha. I know i sound silly…but…yea…

    Anyhow you can reply me at my email if anything


    Thanks sarj.


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