The Last Day Of R3S

At 4PM London time I will be looking to join OuterRimRioters, with Val and Omega coming over today as well. I believe this will dissolve Rebel3Squad.

It is not the name of a squad but the people playing together, enjoying the highs and bearing the lows as one, which makes a community of gamers. Our pride is in what we achieved together.

We make our fortunes to keep our achievements going forward and not looking back on our glory days. For we know there is more to be had, and it is better done in good company than just a small band of brothers.

It will also continue to give me time to enjoy the game, as organising wars will not get in the way.

So to all R3S please from today onwards join OuterRimRioters. Will see you there later today.

Thanks for the fun in R3S; let us continue it in ORR.

4 thoughts on “The Last Day Of R3S

  1. I will miss our name(and oddly our icon), but the memories remain and trust me on this, being part of a full and healthy squad where you’re not expected to arrange everything is going to bring you much joy.

    Warring with the OuterRimRioters is like being in Rebel3Squad back when I was a puny lvl6. Back when with gregorian, dogma, lizard, Nemesis, fundin, you, king. Lol Turd basically pulled a gregorian last war when we were debating who had a good attack idea for the last Lvl10 uplink. Suddenly “turd attacked for 1 uplink”.
    Where we had plenty of members and there was room for error.
    Except someone affixed my 6 the wrong way up and now everyone thinks I’m lvl9.

    Having you, omega, val and whoever else comes over will just make it more complete. 😎

    Dang it I don’t think the current war is over yet at that point so I can’t come over and help close the door on an Era. 😦

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    • Hahahahhaa dude you crack me up.

      R3S you will always be in our hearts! And to all our old comrades…heres to hoping you will read this and rejoin us someday at outerrimrioters. Cheers!


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