ORR hosting our usual squad war this weekend

From Qui – who will be running the war:

“ORR would like to host a Sunday 11 Feb war at our old R3S time. (12:00 Central here in the states, I think that makes in 6:00pm in England?)

Would love to have y’all visit, perhaps we can get a fair matchup!!!

Please hop over by Saturday so I can get you in lineup…”

So join OuterRimRioters in time to be in line up!

38 thoughts on “ORR hosting our usual squad war this weekend

  1. Sarj, can you provide me your scoring method? I believe shielded SCs (2, 3, 4 shields over SC) and max turrets were a big part of your score???

    Anyhow, I’m sure my scouting will fall short of the Intel you provided, but I’d like to try.



  2. Thanks Boss, we drew a tough opponent, rank #17 in game #42 on KSOD, anyhow we’re going to try for a tie since they’re bringing 15 level 10 bases to the party. Needless to say matchmaking is broken. 🙂


  3. I hope i am not too late to leave a reply on this post (i am only like…3 days late. Only. Haha)

    Tough draw Qui…but really good to see the baton being passed on. All the best for future leads! It surely is a demanding role…which is why my ever gratitude to Sarj and FR for all those neatly prepared write ups they always provided.

    On that note…i still do fear something unfortunate did happed to FR. Its really not his personality to just disappear. Maybe he took his boat too far out this time and is shipwrecked on some island. Haha ok touchwood thats not true and that he is well where he is.

    Also…Sarj havent seen you in a while too. Hope all is well with you! Only me and omega active. Waiting for you, kiks and roger D (both also inactive for a week now) to make the move together!


  4. Good news is we have Tako Dando & Tat in play. I asked planets to focus on Tako & Dando assuming attackers would go primarily with jet load outs. For those who hadn’t unlocked Tako or Dando we put them on Tat just to make them burn an attack to take it back. Surprisingly they took the bait and fought for Tat. We’re currently down 21-36 but we have more attacks remaining. I’m confident we can tie, especially with TF & D2 having multiple attacks remaining. Anyhow, not bad considering they brought 15 level 10s and we brought 10 level 10s to the party. Really wish y’all were here, I know y’all would have fun and we’d get some victories. Btw, it’s really like R3S with me, TNT, D2 and Luke doing most of the chatting. 🙂

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  5. War is currently 39-45, we have 3 attacks left and all planets but have 4 bases remaining. While this is going in the books as a loss, I believe we all showed great teamwork and had a lot of fun given the OP opponent we faced. I’m hoping they’ll do another war on Sunday and as always would hope y’all jump over to participate.


  6. We can’t tie anymore, but we kicked major buts at 39-45 and still having 3 attacks (Luko and Stu). Would be nice to get it to 44-45.

    I totally kicked ass putting part of Fundins playbook to good use. 🙂

    It’s really great to have such a full team that everyone is active. We even won a war earlier last week by running the enemy out of attacks. Now when was the last time that happened?

    I invite everyone to join us. The more the merrier.

    Also I miss Val. 😦

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    • Yes R3S Team.

      It was a very tough but a real great exciting war, that let me feel again what does “Tight Team” mean.

      I felt again that big feeling that I felt in any of our R3S War turns, that we ran. Studying the strategies for next attack, building up my army, hearth beating before attacking, trying to get 100%. Enjoying in case of victory, gathering new energies and concentration for the next turn in case of loss.

      But, there is still a lot of sadness that haunts me, because I miss our unique and inestimable commander Sarjo and our big hammer guns like Kicks, Roger, Omega and for sure our unforgettable Val, our Saint Valentine ….

      Ohh when you might jump over to ORR, we or at least I miss you all.

      It may become great again.

      No stress,
      No hassles
      No rush…

      Simple enjoying.

      We can really crawl up to the top of the Galaxy with all of you in next War time !!!

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      • hahaha good stuff D2! Yea…I was hoping being in an all active squad would bring back some good gaming motivation again. I was just reminiscing about the good old days of how we were so active that we even had to fight over donations, calling out in advance what we were giving, getting pissed at people who stepped on our donations and getting stuck with unwanted troops. Hoping that combining with ORR would bring those days back.

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      • Yes those were the days. Developers have ruined how instantly gratifying the game was. It was you guys that kept it fun. It’s an evolution and only reason ORR have such good players coming over is because of the success we had as R3S. No reason for sadness at all, because we know what we had and where we are heading. The good times remain as do the ones to come.


  7. btw guys….did anyone see nemesis, aka big nem? I had a chat with him just before he said he was leaving R3S to join ORR, but from what I see…he doesnt appear on the ORR member list.

    Nem where are you? Did you get lost in your hyperspace jump?


  8. Val, no sighting of Nem, hopefully he lands in ORR soon. Btw, Stu is firing up the hyperdrive to initiate another war tonight. If you catch this in time, please hop over for a visit. If you get this too late, come on over anyways, I’m sure there will be a 2nd war this week.


  9. Tonight’s victim, I mean opponent, is mando’a. 12 level 10 bases, but they are not maxed, most have only level 9 gear and one cat has graciously offered his exposed SC to an X-Wing strike. I believe we’ll roll them, assuming we’re coordinating waves. Tako, Hoth, Yavin in play…


  10. Just in case TF Luko Ken get notifications we’re getting a wave together in 30 mins. Hope y’all can make it, we’re close to a tie.

    As always miss our R3S Brothers, I’d we had y’all over we’d already have this wrapped up. 🙂


  11. Don’t forget, you’re also very welcome if you don’t war. 🙂 But having an active squad makes it a lot more fun.

    This war gave me an new wave of appreciation of Sarjs blog. 🙂 Such a simple and elegant tool for communication.


  12. Hahaha…nice trashing guys. I wait just a tiny while longer before having to make the inevitable jump. But i think i cant commit too much to war as of yet though even when i do join.

    And bloody heck. So Nem really did get his hyperjump coordinates wrong! I swear he said he was goin over to ORR…Nemmmmmmm….


  13. Val, you’ll be a welcome addition if/when you make the jump. Even if you can’t tag up for a wave, you’d still be great to have for random planet attacks just to wear them down on war of attrition. Unfortunately, we left 8 or 9 attacks unused on our last war. Heck if they had just grabbed a planet we could have run them out of attacks early… Hope to see you soon!!!

    And Boss, we miss you and your elegant attacks!!!


  14. R3S we are loading for another Sunday war (Feb 18) at our old time.

    Please come enjoy the fun!!! I’ll initiate at 12:00 Central on Saturday


  15. Currently 45-19 in ORR’s favor in today’s war. We hold all planets and finally got solid waves rolling. Really hope to see y’all for Sunday!


  16. Today is the day we officially leave our first home, and you guys might call me a big, weird nerd but holy cow i actually dreamt that kiks came back online at the very last min to join us. Hahahaha. Damn. See you brothers in a few hours time in ORR!

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  17. Looking forward to y’all making the jump.

    Sarj, I believe there is still a lot of value in maintaining your blog, especially for the lower level bases who have a hard time tackling the lvl 9 planets. Hope you don’t mind maintaining it.

    Honestly I see us becoming a super squad much like the super bands from the 80s. Ok, off to listen to some Asia now! 🙂


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