The End Of Rebel3Squad?

Three years is a long time for a squad, and given the changes in the game it is only habit and your fellowship which has had me coming on. Thank you for that, it has been fun and invigorating. However, I do not want to stand in the way of people renewing that elsewhere by joining OuterRimRioters.

The regular game has been so unbalanced that I have just been doing heroic defences and playing squad wars. And last squad war was a reminder how time consuming it is doing a recon post.

I am quite happy for someone else to lead the squad war this weekend and chose people, but I will not be leading anymore myself nor be a part of. Too many things going on right now.

Whilst I will come on and do heroic defences, if people want to do regular squad wars do feel free to come and go with ORR. They usually start wars about 8PM Central time. If you wish to be their permanently up to you. I wish you well.

It is not goodbye from me though – I am still going to do heroic defences and hopefully see the balance of the game shift. And always donate. However it would be unfair on another squad for me to take up a spot.

Remember a few of us are now playing DomiNations are group called “Rise Again Clan”

So do join us if fancy a new challenge. I feel the game gets right so many of the things SWC gets wrong. I will always remember those squad wars where we won or tied 45 with a superior opponent. Fundin being hard but getting the results. Greg swooping in at last moment before getting last uplinks for the win. Planet takers like Dogma, Valentine and so many others being on at start and helping us execute wave attacks to perfection. Ferguson bringing his squad mates over to us so we had a new lease of life. WRD2 for sticking with the game despite his gripes. Before this becomes a list, know I appreciate what you all did in Rebel3Squad.

We will still exist as Rebel3Squad, however I do not want to hold anyone back.

25 thoughts on “The End Of Rebel3Squad?

  1. It’s hard to read between the lines, but I really hope you didn’t misunderstand my intention in my other post.:(

    I in no way want to imply you’re holding us/me back. I imagine recons take at least an hour of time, maybe nearing 2, which is a lot for what it is. In addition, I peg you as someone who feels a certain responsibility towards us as your squad.
    Removing the burden of responsibility for your squad was what I am aiming for commander. Not removing you. I want you to be able to enjoy playing what good parts are still left in the game when you want. Abandoning your squad to join another squad would be the best option for that.

    I’ve said it before and I will say so again, I respect you as a leader and a person. There’s a reason I followed you to 2 different games.

    Should we do the move, I personally really want you (and everyone) to come along. But your post implies that you would prefer staying where you are?


    • No I’ve been thinking about this for a few months. Fundin did the wars at weekend and idea was I wouldn’t be part of it. I had to be to make up the numbers. This is a good opportunity to keep the gang together by either going to ORR or joining them when you want to do a Squad War. More than happy for people to do Squad Wars here.

      This is a good time to wind down. We made three years, max level squad and had lots of fun. If ORR happy with me doing HD only in exchange for donations and us all moving over that would be fine with me.

      Don’t worry it’s not coz of you 😉 It’s rather opportunity and me making my mind up to take it. How we do it exactly ready to hear what everyone thinks.


  2. Cool that sound good to me sarg I like jumbing around with orr. It is a hard jib to organize a war. I might check out that game as long as it don’t empty my pockets 😂


  3. I’m happy to participate in wars. as of late I haven’t done any of the objectives. I find them useless. i might do the odd HD. but I’m mostly collecting stuff and donating. not sure what level ORR is at but if WE as a group decide to leave RS3 I would move with the group. or have them join us. which ever group has the better squad level. I’ll follow Sarj and go down with the ship if need be. you’ve been a valiant leader. thank you Sarjo!

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  4. Hi Rebel3Squad. We certainly do not want to break you all up. You all are a very tight squad with a very dedicated leader. I’d be honored if all of you would join us in the Outer Rims. I’ll clear space to make sure none of you get left behind.

    If you all decide to join us, it would be a privilege to have you with us Sarj. Obviously, you will be an officer along with whomever else you nominate. Our squad would be your squad. You can start a war whenever you want and include anyone you want. If you don’t want to war, we would certainly benefit by your knowledge and still love to have you with us.

    HD and Squad Wars are what I do as well. We are a level 50 squad too so you can planet hop all you want. I use Orbital Reckoning and Military Logistics / Hidden Trade Route to hop around and do 10 HDs every day.

    We do like to run Squad Wars throughout the work week. There is no set start time. We try to pick a time when most are available at the start. Everyone else attacks at will. Anyone who wants to participate in a war can, but it is not required.

    This game is a grind. That is why people have been quitting. Great squad members is what keeps the game alive. I invite all of you to come over to the OutRimRioters and keep the fight going. More people, more wars, and more donations = more fun.

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  5. Boss, definitely not the end of R3S, just a reinvention if the decision is to merge with them. Based upon their visit last week they seem to be the same style of players we are so it’s a win regardless. To make it easy, I recommend you & Stu do a cut throat game of rock, paper, scissors! 🙂

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  6. ORR would like to have R3S war with them on Sunday. Please jump over, even if it’s just to visit, so we can kick some Imps. I know having y’all there will make it a good time!!!

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  7. TNT you bring up a good point, if folks want to jump back and forth then R3S should set a medal requirement and change to open to all. Medal requirement should keep a lot of riff raft out. As it stands now, you have to wait for an officer to approve your request…

    Jump back over to ORR and let’s get a war going 😎


  8. You could start @ 500, I believe all of us are easily beyond that. If that allows any riff raft in then you can always raise it later.

    Or we could bite the bullet and merge. I’d rather have us all together, rocking and rolling than trying to manage hopping between squads…


  9. John,
    I want to say thank you. When Kiks, Turd, & I joined the squad it rejuvenate the Joy of the Game. It been a blast to get on and play with a group that wanted to win. It was fun being part of a Team. Fund was a ASSHOLE to me but I respected his Leadership Dearing the wars. Sarjo I respect you so much. GO REBELS 3

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  10. Man…i have to admit i never thought playing a game with people whom i’ve never met (and probably never will…lol) could make me so sentimental. Well whatever comes will come, but till then thanks everyone for being a part of this family!

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    • I think that shared sense of achievement in Squad Wars (for a year we won 90% of them) really brought us together in a way playing solo does not. Developers messed with dynamics of game too much. I hope you might join us on DomiNations Val. More than welcome.


      • Oops sorry sarj didnt notice the reply here. Hehe. I still cant install dominations for whatever reason. I think it could be phone memory space as well. Nonetheless i will be there when able.

        Also…you havent been on SWC in a few days. Is everything ok?

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  11. Hi Sarjo, hi Rebels.

    Undoubtedly all this saddens me a lot.

    I know that we have not always understood each other and I also know that sometimes I have or we have failed, but this is part of every game, including the serious gameplay of our daily lives. But it is also true and important to underline that despite this, we have achieved very high goals and it has always been exciting and with a lot of fun.

    Mistakes we have committed have always allowed us to improve. Maybe not all of us have done or given our utmost to avoid ending up victims of the errors in the evolution of the game. I quote for example the fact that many of us have underestimated the power and importance of strong defense and I also speak on my behalf.

    Looking back to the last 2 years (I was not part of this squad since the beginning), I have to say, you Sarj, you was the hammer of this squad. A real LEADER (simple look the donation distance between you and each of us, amazing) !!!

    Of course, all our squad members helped you, because everyone gave always his best. So, I’m very proud to have been a member of this team, to have been part of many battles, to have lived this beautiful adventure.

    It’s not a goodbye. It doesn’t mean I want leave this squad. I will always follow this blog, but probably I would try ORR and see how things will go. I don’t yet know when this may happen. Maybe next week, maybe a bit later. It depens as well from their leaders. Maybe I’m not welcome there or not enough active for thier wars. Who knows?

    Let’s take the time to reflect a bit and see what will happen in the future. I’m almost convinced that the glory of this team will come back.

    In memory to all of us, don’t destroy the Squad.
    Thanks to all of you Rebels and god bless you Sarj.

    Hopefully we might reunion all of us again in DomiNations “Rise Again Clan”. I’m there and working hard to pump my base.

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