OuterRimRioters Squad War Tonight

Thanks so much to OuterRimRioters for join us this squad war. With six of them over, I could not include everyone in R3S so only did those that posted on the sign up war post. Ferguson and Kenway please let me know you are available and will give your priority next War.

To finish 44 V 37 against a side that has never lost in six months was good – especially as we have done best against them in 7 games. Without Tako, and some people attacking without planets due to lag not showing when we had or didn’t have them, cost us. When they had used up attacks it was a big ask taking all 12 of their bases in 14 attacks. Because we kept our nerve, and Stu’s sonic bad ass base. We kept a long shot against one of the best squad war teams out there.

Today at 8PM Central time ORR will be doing a squad war matchup – so R3S feel free to join their squad in time to be included. Let them know where you are from!

7 thoughts on “OuterRimRioters Squad War Tonight

  1. TNT how goes the war? Are you coming home soon? Any chatter on a potential merge? Btw, got double droids on elite crate, almost threw my phone across the room. 🙂


  2. I had some ATTE, infil and lakaru frags. No double bot yet.But I haven’t done a lot of crates as the requirements are so high now I can’t always commit to doing it in 1 go. It used to be 2 3 star attacks for me. It’s now 2 3 stars and 1 2 star. That’s already another 10 minutes waiting time. Also took me a lot longer to finish the event timeline itself. New elite crates aren’t really worth the extra effort. As usual they adjusted too far to one side. They should’ve kept the requirements and nerfed the contents or increased the requirements and kept the content as was.

    I was planning on returning after the war however they accidentely added me again for this war. So I’m away for a little while longer. Don’t sit in my spot. 😡

    They want to merge and truthfully, considering how both our respective squads are faring without aid it’s easily the best option. The guys still there are very active and quite nice.
    They do have a different way of doing wars than we usually do. However I personally don’t see why those couldn’t co-exist. Let Rebel3Squad members arrange the weekend wars and let them do the weekday wars.

    The only thing that remains is, who is going to join who. I don’t care about rank, but ours is higher. They are also a lvl50 squad and so have all perks unlocked at good levels. I do think they have slightly more members who are still active than we do.
    There is one reason why I would suggest all of us joining up with them. Sarj, our Chieftain, has, understandably, been playing a lot less due to being lvl10 and pvp being as it is. Their leader is still quite active.
    Though it would pain me to leave the name rebel3squad behind.

    But I don;t know what everyone else thinks.


  3. And another double droid crate, so incredibly painful.

    Btw, did y’all win?

    I’m good for a merge either way, as it’s going to be difficult for either party to leave the old squad behind… Either way we’ll be part of a strong squad with active rebs!!!


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