Deutsche_Helden Recon

We have been matched with a tough attacking squad that usually win and score in the 40s. Without Tako it’s going to be easy to run out of time before 100%. The good news is I only rate 4 of their bases as A class. Key thing, deploy to get all buildings, use Yavin to destroy bunched turrets in one hit or take out shield and squad centre. We have Dandoran so do not go in with loads of medics (1 or 2 most if at all). Vehicles will have extra power attacking just be sure not too slow to cover whole base with what you deploy.

We will do wave attacks while we hold all three planets – this will be tough because I expect as a German side they will be on at start taking them at same time. Key thing is us coordinating together, and denying them holding Yavin and Tatooine at the same time when they attack.

Ideally Luke (who is on Tatooine), TNT, Val, Tango, Kiks, Roger and myself (hopefully just Dandoran lv9) will look out for planets to help with wave attacks. My plan is for us to use one attack to retake a planet and save remaining 2 to help with wave attacks.

[Edit cup has said they will help with planets]

Hopefully they take all planets first. Plan would be someone takes Tatooine back first. When they start to retake Tatooine quickly take Yavin. In a planet war key here is get one star on planet then end quickly so enemy cannot have 3/3 planets when they try to attack again.

Once we have at least 4 attackers on, we will do our first wave attack – get all 3 planets, then attackers hit players. We coordinate when to hit – so please watch chat. Please be on at start, though if need troops donated to sq centre be on earlier so we are ready to rock at the drop of a hat when war starts.

Please say in chat when you will be ready for second attack. If you will crystal rush to be ready feel free to book three targets below in comments. Otherwise state first target in comments so you can prepare. Key thing: go for a layout you normally ace. Eg I love enclosed square bases as I go in with heavies but I’d rather let someone with jets cover a spreadout base.

It will be easy to run out of time while having had enough troops to have got 100%. So be sure to deploy what is quick and cover all the sides and corners. Remember we don’t have Tako to make short work. Tatooine works well with vehicles, key is use Yavin one hit b Wing to get rid of bunched turrets so troops destroy buildings.

Some level 10s will have to coordinate I expect for wave attacks later on. Our normal tactic is to try and get 45 or over 40 quick as possible so we go on planet take back only.

If Germans wait for us to take planets first we will try and get a big wave in so most attackers get first attack in quickly.

This will be tough, and it could literally be a few uplinks in it even with both sides bringing their A game. On R3S have WRD2 and Qui as main attackers. Apart from Tango [and cup] the other [4] from ORR will be main attackers. That allows for 18 base attacks and 27 for planets/last few uplinks to tidy. Of course planet attackers can look to attack if we have the advantage – planet attackers mentioned above please ask first before attacking a player because I do not know till we play how it will be to liaise with ORR. We might need your attacks to help the other level 10s.

Key thing when we do wave attacks – get planet at same time and attackers ready to go as soon as have planets before they have a chance to take any back.

Prepare for war and may the force be with you commander.

Targets Booked

This is no substitute for checking comments, just to make life bit easier.

Wurst – booked by Qui

Tommez – booked by Blue 5

Zeden- booked by Stu

6 thoughts on “Deutsche_Helden Recon

  1. Blue-5 here; I’m pretty sure i can get 100% from tommez & moe. Wurst would be easy 2 stars, 3 stars if I bring B-wings and we have Yavin.


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