Squad War As Usual Weekend Sat 27-Mon 29

As in previous post, we have guests from OuterRimRioters. Welcome to Rebel3Squad. Hopefully this will lead to meet ups for squad wars, or even a merger.

Plan is Squad war matchmaking as usual 6PM London time Saturday 27th January, attack phase commencing 6PM Sunday 28th (exact start depends how quickly matched).

From ORR: Stu, Iceman, Kanixaco, Dekin13

R3S: Sarjo, WRD2, Qui, Val, TNT, kiks, Ferguson, Luke, Kenway, Luko, then either Nemisis or Roger.

Please let me know if you can make it, if not, and what time. That will let us know who can be planet takers, wave attackers and late guards for planets. Also, if not using crystals please state in the game say when ready for next attack.

If I have missed anyone out please do say in comments.

To let ORR members know I will do a recon post on enemy squad for Saturday morning London time, which will give you an idea how we execute wars.

21 thoughts on “Squad War As Usual Weekend Sat 27-Mon 29

  1. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.
    Usual applies:
    -Will arrive either at the start or shortly after the start
    -will crystal if needed

    And maybe I can repay ORR by participating in a war of theirs next week.


  2. I’ll be on at kickoff. Happy to attack or do planets, whatever works best for the squad.

    Also, happy to support ORR with their weekday war, can’t make kickoff but can do late attacks, planets or just jump over to make lvl 10 donations… (Except that pesky lvl 8 Tog, that’s right I’m looking at you Tog!!!)

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  3. Hi Sarjo.
    I can be available for war. can’t promise I’ll be on at start but I can make an effort to do so. New job new city new life for me as of late so everything is up in the air time wise. I can definitely be on at some point just not sure when.

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  4. I can make it for planet camping but would likely be in the afternoon EST. if Nem wants to be a more forefront attacher Go for it!
    Good to see the squad wars picking up again. Go merger

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  5. Sarj i think there are 3 other ORR members not on your list above , ie blue5, cup of jawa, tango.

    If we have more than enough i am happy to sit this one out as i cant guarantee i’ll be on at start due work.

    Gonna miss FR but great to see war and have u back leading again..

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