The Future

After nearly twenty days absence my hope that Fundin and King would return after the holidays is looking doubtful. Fundin, if you do read this thank you so much for leading so many squad wars at the weekend. It meant I could devote time and energies to my brother more, and that of itself is priceless.

Three accounts down (as Fundin had Planetbuster) we do not have the numbers to compete in squad wars and we cannot afford to have no active accounts in with how matchmaking works.

So we need to advertise on the forums and possibly see if there is a band of veteran players who are looking to play squad wars. At the moment only two people that have joined are not high enough level nor communicative enough to help.

I am playing heroic defences, hoping developers at some point sort out the mess they created by having guard defences. I am more actively playing DomiNations which a few of us are on (Rise Again Clan) and Star Trek Timelines (USS-R3S) the later of which has 50 active players. You are more than welcome to join there. I really do recommend DomiNations as you can go a week before being attacked meaning you get to keep resources to upgrade while events are not the grind they are on SWC.

We shall see how things go on SWC. Think coming up to the third year of the squad existing. Which is a good run. We have been here before, so this is more Empire Strikes Back while we await … The Return of The Jedi.

11 thoughts on “The Future

  1. Thanks Fundin and King!

    I had a spell of great activity over the last event as it was a great opportunity to upgrade event units. 🙂

    I really hope we can do wars ateast, not tired of them yet. Luko wasn’t too fond of Fundins way of doing things, so we can probably ask him to make up numbers. We’re still short though.

    Who else is still here and willing?

    Dominations isn’t a starwars replacement though, it is very relaxing to play. 🙂

    I understand that Val is playing galaxy of heroes.


  2. I really hope everything is ok with Fundin and SK. The squad won’t be the same without them.

    I’ve tried to remain hopeful that the developers will fix this game one day, but as the time goes by it seems less and less likely. Just the other day my base got rolled by a handful of Rhodian Snipers and some medic droids, as if the constant swarms of jet troopers wasn’t enough.

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    • Agree about Fundin and King – I’ve given up attacking save when need resources to train troops. Otherwise just HD each day. So waiting it out while actively playing other games mentioned. I suspect they just decided to leave cold turkey style. Which is a shame, as have only good will to give them for making the game more fun than it otherwise would have been.


  3. Yea work has been keeping us all busy i guess. Just hope FR isnt lost at sea or something. Totally not his style to suddenly disappear. Well…eventhough there is no return of the jedi…there’s always the force awakens? Haha.

    Nonetheless hope you guys are well SK and FR!

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  4. So I found another Squad that’s in about the same situation as we are. We currently have a visitor of theirs Stu.

    He has offered to take as many of us in as that want to join.

    They are the OuterRimRioters.

    If we want to war, it’s probably worth considering
    I hope everyone can read this.


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