Rise Again

I am playing SWC less these days, just defending and keeping resources ticking. Still coming on each day, and reading chat. I have had my fill of busting a gut to get a unique unit to level 10 only to find it superceeded by a unit we can all improve relatively easily. Plus the incompetence which meant we could not play squad wars for weeks, and a ruined matchmaking system which means we are not paired correctly when we could. Also, having upgraded my base to max, not really the same thrill to keep attacking. 


I have started playing DomiNations (from the makers of Rise of Nations) which is a build base fight bases like SWC, where progress is through epochs starting from Stone Age to the Space Age. Key differences which improve the gameplay:

Any troops that survive a battle are immediately available for the next battle.

If you do lose some troops or al of them, and want to use same loadout again, at touch of one button what you need will start to be trained for you. 

[you can save three layouts of your base and in addition a fourth for war events, and leave unfinished to come back to later providing one of the layouts is complete. With an easy copy and paste option of existing layouts to tinker with!]

There are five stars for total victory, one of which will mean defeat for your base and a peace treaty protection period. Result is your base does not lose loads of resources, making easier to save resources to upgrade things. And if you want a win, variety of ways you can go for it. 

You have many nations to chose from with a wide variety of attributes to suite your style of playing. You can chose to change nationality at any point. 

You get tactics which become more advanced as you progress through the epochs. You start with a timed ability to redirect all your units to move to a certain place after being deployed. No more fate dictating where troops happen to go!

You can challenge other members of same alliance to a friendly attack on your base where no one loses troops or resources. Good way to replay attack and defence tactics.

Could go on, but I can see why this game has made over $100 million since it’s release. I like its fun and quirky aspect too. A serious game which does not take itself too seriously, while ensuring gameplay is better than most. 

The clan I have created is called Rise Again. TNT and Qui have joined so far. I hope others will take a look at the game. There are war events which do not seem to require us to be on at same time, only to attack within a certain time period. Once a few more of us are on, we can look at doing that. 

At the very least, it is something to do while waiting for star command to train and droideka to repair in SWC. I also hope rather than anyone just giving up on SWC as in past, they have another game while keeping with the same band of brothers which is why so many of us have stuck with SWC for so long. 


8 thoughts on “Rise Again

    • There is a war against another alliance option only aka like a SWC squad war. Only it sounds much better, and is a bit like a group v group golf is best round counts against a base only but everyone has a go if they want.


  1. You can upgrade groups of wall at a time. Roads are always up to your highest lvl. ๐Ÿ™‚ So many tiny things.

    I do miss the diversity in units at lower levels though


  2. I had a quick look at it. But basic problem for me is that it’s a game that heavily uses timers to limite progression and it’s been going for 2.5 years. That means there’s absolutely no way to become competitive without either grinding for years or paying a small fortune in real money. As it’s only on Google play not Amazon I couldnt pay money on it even if I wanted to (Google require a copy of my passport to reactivate my wallet and no way I provide that to them). Amazon, ebay, Paypal etc are all fine without copies of my passport – but apparently Google aren’t.

    I’m really not interested in another “pay to remove timers” game unless the paying isnt too heavy, it’s on some site other than Google AND it’s a relatively new release meaning I’m not years behind others. I’ve played a few of them now and really it’s not my favourite type of game – grinding non-stop but still not able to progress very fast without paying a fortune in real money.


  3. I was recently pointed to another strategy game by a competing Dev on the forum. Transformers Earth Wars. (He gave me a link to get some extra goodies as thanks/or to try it out, which I can share. http://smart.link/574d76bf7b939?site_id=nutellaguy)
    As I am one of the few in the world that actually enjoys the Michael Bay movies and even still have my old collection of transformers toys, it is my duty to check this game out.

    In addition as DomiNations is a lot slower compared to SW Commander, it feels like I have time to check it out.

    It looks gorgeous and has a couple of really neat twists. Like how your army aren’t faceless troops but are actual characters all with special abilities you can trigger midcombat. In addition it’s a fairly recent game, I think slightly over a year old.

    I’m playing as an Autobot, but haven’t made a faction yet.


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