Brave New World

Jets and Rancors

Equipped Jets do seem to be the way forward for defence – not least against rancors that have come to check out our bases in heroic defences. They have not improved rancor stats since turrets and jets were equipped. Result is an easy way to get frags! For attack only way I am getting 100% on main game is using equipped jets. 

Have updated Squad War results. Whilst we have not played in August we have had 33 squad wars this year: winning 23, draw 4, lost 6. 


In case you have not been following comments on here, Helraiser has not been able to play the game on his device since latest update. Result is they are unintentionally leaving the game. Hel as you know from my previous comment you were a valuable and much appreciated member of R3S. Link your game to Facebook and note your id details, so if you do get a new device in the future you can come back to same account. More than welcome to rejoin us at Rebel3Squad. 

For Squad Wars we are getting thin on the ground without Hel; with AND autobooting and Val telling me today they cannot use their noob account it’s going to be tricky.

Appreciate that Qui and Dantooima want to play, and assuming can make start good options for Fundin. Have asked WRD2 if they want to play Squad Wars however they fail to mention when available. If you are reading please let Fundin know when they do their war post. 


Ignoring the three second accounts we have to help make up numbers means we have below 15 active members. So I need all of you to help me by advertising the game on the forum so we can try and get active players. 

Whilst I am all for trying new people to the game, retention rates are so low for them whilst effort to help is very high. I will not say no because we need active players requesting and donating. However lv7 plus players tend to be more committed to staying on in the game. However, active is the key at this moment not level. 

Squad Level

We are just 600 odd reputation points from being at the maximum squad level! That is a special achievement that reflects the commitment you have given to each other. We should hopefully do that come the Autumn. 

2 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. Perhaps we could advertise to absorb another dying squad or one whose leader as gone AWOL. For those of us who came from the Citius.Fortius squad, it took us a while to find a suitable squad who could take all of us at once since we wanted to remain together.

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