Lv49 Squad and recruitment

We are one level away from maximising our squad level. That is a testament to you helping other players out with donations, and executing gameplans for squad wars which see us win nine times out of ten. Will mention what we need to do about squad wars with new members bit later in this post. 

With the new guard defence equipment, winning in the regular game got that much harder. Hopefully, with the right base design it might make holding resources easier with defence. The problem is by having conflicts on every planet, even if your base holds your resources can be drained from multiple attacks. Occasional players might see any gained loot, plus, taken in one big hit. 

As always, the need to evolve and redesign your base to see what works is important. Never do it to win the last battle. Design it so it will win majority of defences. Look at those of us with big defence wins for inspiration, and especially look at conflict lists for those whose defence stands out. 

I really do not care about your medal counts. Key is you can get the resources you need to upgrade your base and units. If you need troops in squad centre to attack, feel free to ask. Most of us have donation objectives or reputation points to accrue. If there is a huge difference in your donations and requests, not going to be held against you unless we see you are ignoring others requests for no good reason when playing and requesting yourself. 

Squad Wars

Squad wars are still lots of fun to play. Against a squad higher ranked than us we only just lost 42-43. I hope AND comes back, but in their absence we lack level 10 attacks. With three weak accounts making up the numbers we lose attacks and uplinks too easily. This costs us. 
So for new members that have joined (warm welcome to you!) please look out for Fundin’s post asking who is available for squad wars on here. He usually posts on a Friday. If you subscribe to blog via email, you will be notified when he has posted. If you need the password please ask in chat.

Officers, please encourage new members to check out this website and repeat the above to them. Right now we need to be only accepting members who are strong level 6 onwards who can help out with squad wars. If strong level 9/10 even better!

I do not believe we have the numbers for a mid week war, so will continue with just Fundin’s at the weekend, with attack phase starting around 6PM UK time Sunday. 

I kicked KP today because they keep going awol, only briefly on, and this time absent over 23 days. Will be keeping an eye out on others. If you are having a holiday or too busy for a week or two let me know!