Well done everyone

AND if you are there do please come on to the game before it boots you from squad automatically. If it does please feel free to rejoin.

Our squad war was on a knife edge but our last three base attacks saw us get to 41 and holding the three planets at end. If we had given up going for it we would have lost 38 V 39. So well done for coming on and going for it.

As always if you need to disappear do let us know. Blog is ideal way of letting us know when you will be back, or unavailable. Reason we created the blog. The chat lag can mean messages do not post for five minutes – and easily lost.

It also means for example I ended up with six speeders in sullust squad centre simply because it did not update in time for people wanting to give. We might need to coordinate donating so that does not happen. As ever, give players benefit of the doubt if you do not get what you want – it is a lag chat issue. 

It is a nice problem to have that people are so keen to donate, and with guard equipment using squad centre in attack more useful than ever. Also, with desert jets I suspect many of our bases may need sonics again to deal with, and snipers on squad centre to take out from a distance.

AND has been absent for 27 days, and the game will auto boot – I cannot stop that. Extrachewie decided to leave, though they had not been very active. I fear Ben might also auto lapse. 

Welcome back to WRD2 from his holiday. No idea if they will finally make themselves available for squad wars. All they have to do is comment on Fundin’s sign up posts to be considered. 

Soon we will be a max lv50 squad. A testament to your gaming and commitment to Rebel3Squad. The camaraderie and team spirit is what makes the squad what it is.  

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