To boldly go where no one has gone before …

Well done everyone for showing a squad that where a lot tougher than us, that we could be as tough as them with the right planets. 
When I am waiting for droideka to repair or star command to fill up, I have started playing Star Trek Timelines. Completely different to this game, it is like an adventure story with various missions you do with Star Trek crew from all the various series there have ever been. Various skill sets and traits people have (e.g. Picard diplomacy, Spock Science) are used to make your missions successful. You upgrade crew as you go.

Give it a try, and if you like the game you can join the squad I have set up on there called imaginatively: USS-R3S

Unlike here there are time intervals when events happen so there is not a be on at this time factor.  You do not donate anything to each other. It is rather your progression during an event (which gives you many useful items and bonuses) which helps out the squad. So play at your own pace – it is very much a sit back and relax while waiting for Star War troops to train. 

Hope you enjoy; make it so!

2 thoughts on “To boldly go where no one has gone before …

  1. As a word of warning you can’t join a fleet unless you’re lvl9. Currently almost lvl8.
    Ship combat is terrible, but away missions are pretty fun.

    Squads of death ranks our tie as a win for us. Excellent work fellow rebels!


    • Regarding ship combat you need the right crew. For mission ship combat 2 attackers with the right traits for the spot they occupy (one diplomacy one command) – as you need to destroy enemy quickly to get 3 stars. Whether both are attack or one accuracy depends if ship small (need accuracy) or big (need both attackers).

      For the player rank ship combats you need to survive and kill the other player first. So players with shield regeneration (like Hugh the Borg, or recovering Spock – two I use) allow you to beat players with better ships but inferior crew.


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