Recruitment Policy

Note to officers: we now need to ensure last three spots are only filled by level 8 and above players who will be active in our squad war at the weekend.

We have enough newbies who hopefully one day will be strong enough. We now need some already strong experienced and above all skilful players.

Please help by advertising on the unofficial forum when you know will be around on game, mentioning what we are after.

Thanks. Very close war, fun though disappointing finish. 


3 thoughts on “Recruitment Policy

  1. I’m kinda liking high level 8 now. Levels 9-10 have higher objective requirements. Delaying my advance to lv9 since early January. Might as well research all units to 9 before the jump. 😀


    • Makes sense if you are fine as you are not to rush. Really it’s only for people having issues. Those having issues I usually find they don’t have turrets at their level or research what they use in loadout maxed to their level. So no wonder having hard time.


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