Surviving The Update

The constant mass rebel soldiers and heavy soldiers as a winning strategy is over save for the poorest of designed bases. This game has always been about adapting to radical changes in updates. This is now more about playing chess then a rugby scrum powering through. Do or do not, there is no try.

This update was introduced during mass planetary conflict in the run up to Rogue One being released on video. Hence all the units unlocked being from that film. Matchmaking has always been wide of your level during conflicts. With enhanced defensive equipment that level gap is made much worse.

Rather than you get frustrated my advice is to avoid conflict planets if you are not competitive enough. If you still want to try, on Er kit you can skip battles to find developer bases – I still feel this is easiest for lv9/10 not sure other levels. With 34 wins in 3 evenings 2 days, I am in top 3.71%. Getting Kessen is I believe more essential then ever due to his range and magnetic pulse attack.

If being squashed at lv7/8 I think it might be advisable to rush so you can research offensive load to a higher level and get the droideka oppressor. He goes through walls and the splash attack helps destroy them while hitting other targets.

Hoth is a joy if you have winter hails – ensure turrets are distracted one way while your hails hit them from a different place. Then have your main attack force go through the destroyed turrets on route to HQ.

Walls: hails will try to hit them but beware bases that have open sides as they might go off there. I try to use Z95 to weaken walls. Try and get rebel infantry to destroy any buildings in front of walls blocking off turrets. Only deploy hails when infantry give you a clear line of sight, as mentioned above.

I use my jug to help destroy walls (especially block block spread walls) to help create paths and to distract turrets so other units like hails can get in position and shot them. That really helps Luke out. Just take into account where. Sonic boom is likely to go so other units not caught in that.

You see what I mean about it being more chess than ever. It’s about deploying at right time. Once walls are broken down and buildings other side of wall gone I deploy my snipers so they have clear line of sight and go through them before firing at anything, and can also help with anything coming out of a squad centre. 

There is no option but to keep practising this and other tactics. The main one is you get to choose base you attack. So go for one you can realistically take on. As Sun Tzu wrote, a battle is won or lost before it is begun. Experiment with units not normally use. And don’t expect one loadout to work against all types of bases. That way leads to defeat. 

Regarding defence, getting the equipment and having a good balance of turrets is key. Rather than chasing medals chase crates from planetary objectives and heroic defencives. I was deliberately getting 2 star HDs to unlock rocket equipment. It worked. I also reduced number of sonics swapping for rockets and rapids. 

If you are winning please share replays especially if level 7/8. I think it might help everyone to see what works in the game. Best way we can learn apart from playing is to see how others make it work.


2 thoughts on “Surviving The Update

  1. Since we’re sharing. I can’t bring jugs since they’re too big to justify the cost.
    There’s no way in Hoth that I’ll have a viable Kessen anytime soon.

    Luke lacks the punch that han has, but Han lacks the stamina luke has. Simply put our heroes are useless.

    Currently I use R2 as a hero. Since I can’t heal him I can replace the 2 meddroids han or luke need with more firepower like heavies. Meanwhile R2 can keep my 3 hails alive and 3 hails kill most turrets in a single go. Like sarj said hails also kill walls. The only thing I fear are snipers. Oppressors are annoying but as long as you can bait them or use a tog they’re no problem. I rarely lose and occasionally 3 star. Usually without air or squad center.

    Only problem with the tog is that after killing the droids he becomes a generalist.

    I always bring an infil. If it can’t be used for the shields or triggering SC or traps it’s also a great shiny object to distracted enemy units.

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