New Officers New Policy Accepting Newbies

The game has changed once again – I fear it might cause another lot of people to leave the game [rather than join] other squads. So do share what new tactics and troop loads are helping you overcome new update which has buffed mortars and bursts but nerfed heavy and rebel infantry equipment. 

The result is we are more likely to get new members from newbies to the game. From their point of view these changes are not as significant till they hit level 6/7 onwards. 

That means we need to accept “I want to join your squad” requests. As Fundin and I cannot be around 24/7 I have promoted King, Hel and Val so they can accept people and guide them through the game. 

So not repeating yourself ad nauseam feel free to mention they should google: Rebel3Squad website.

You can give them password for protected pages in game chat. Only when we have a squad war on will we be wary of accepting people.

Encourage them to read the “Stuff You Should Know” page which explains donations, where to find statistics on troops, buildings and time upgrading etc. 

Key thing is to stress they must only donate what is requested and not to worry if at first they need to build factories so can do speeders. They will get there in time. 

Think of it as an investment in our squad’s future. If they are hopeless or never on we can always boot them. 

Edit: from developer notes you can read in the game latest changes which I have here for ease of reference.

Basically the infantry swamp attack is over. My base has won easily 6 defences in a row (moving from 4% to top 0.88%, on Tatooine, but appreciate in conflict most of you below level 10 have people higher than you attacking your base. 

Only solution is to change tactics. Have more vehicles. Have done that using Txs to replace some infantry and only using Kessen as my hero. Only 100% poorly designed bases at mo, good bases doing well getting 1 star instead of steam rolling. 

When the defences were out of kilter last time, they changed it in about five days. My advice is to sit tight if you just cannot win. However, people still need donations more than ever as defending only way to do well in conflict. So please do come on to the game still. 

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