Lakaru Warrior

The stats for the Lakaru can be read here. As the description in game suggests this unit is designed to take over from wookies as your unit for tackling turrets. For main game I honestly doubt will use. There is no multiplier impact on turrets – and its attack is as good or reduced against other targets. Hails will do a better job than these guys on turrets; plus their range of five means will die quickly as opposed to hails that keep their distance. Not to mention with current buff in heavies and rebels. 

Yet how long will that buff remain? The game changes that a unit that seemed pointless can become must have.

The advantage of the Lakaru might be squad wars. Imagine when we have Takodana boosting their firepower or Dandoran healing them, but no Yavin or Tatooine. In that situation a handful could be useful.

As always it depends how you play the game. As it has no defensive value (unlike Tog) I do not plan to level up that high. Remember Tatooine is the easiest conflict to get into top 2%. Start playing a bit from beginning. About 10 successful 2 or 3 star wins a day should be enough. Usually need up to double on others. On Er Kit even more grinding to be done.

Heads up that we will not be doing midweek squad war till either matchmaking changes or we have at least six level 10s able to fight. Will continue to review, but given availability one war a week should be enough and weekend wars we seem to be more likely to get a fair match up.

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