Squad War Team 15-17 March

In the absence of Ferg and TNT, trying for just 2 lv10s this war. Hopefully matchmaking will not screw us over like last week.







SOJ is going to be 4 hours late, so important Hung, King, Val you guys can be on at start. As indeed it is Nemisis and Kenway. Plus being a main attacker down, would be looking for Roger, Kiks, Hel to get one attack in at start before guarding lv9 planets.

Any issues with when you can be on, or if you cannot play, or you can be available if someone drops out, please let me know before 6PM UK time. 


3 thoughts on “Squad War Team 15-17 March

  1. Sarjo,
    I have all three planets & Special troops for each of them. I know that we are short handed facing all them LVL 10.
    I can 3 Links Sith Lord Level 9 -=Mac=- LVL 9
    I also believe I could 2 or 3 link Green 13.

    All 3 bases are set up to my strengths. I know that a bold statement. But if I want to be a player you and Fund can count. These wars are where it is earned. But I will do what best for the team.

    May the Force be with us


  2. Sarj i started to upgrade my starship factory so I have some strikes on reserve but will not make it for more than 1 attack, so I think I could do war retaking planets as always (this war) and the Sunday one I would have to stick to planets only, starship will be ready by Tuesday


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