Sign up 15-17 March Squad War

Always available: Hel, Nemisis, Kiks, Roger, Luko, Ferguson, SOJ, Kenway, Fundin, Ben, PB, Noob, King, 4ever. If you guys cannot play only need to say unavailable.

Available for this war: Hung

Not always available midweek war so wil not be included till they comment can play on a sign up thread: TNT, Val, AND, Lizard, KP, WRD2.
If you wish to change your set status, or timing wise might not be on at start, please comment on here. 

Never rely on messaging in game – messages disappear after a time, but when it comes to choosing a team I double check comments here. 

I have decided today to fight on Takodana today – so if in top 2% on all should have a lv10 Tog to give out for this war However, as fighting hard will only give out donations from 7 PM tomorrow for Sullust  so please wait till conflict is over before requesting if need lv10 units (as others fighting it too). Be sure to ask for lv10 if need – I will be there – and donation perks on makes easy to fill you, so activate before you request. 

Also during conflict, I can donate vehicles no problem but infantry slows me down significantly. So please forgive me if I only donate vehicles during last 2 days of conflict. I am sure you appreciate four conflicts at once is … mad. However it will help us in squad wars.

EDIT: the clocks do not go forward in UK till Sunday March 26. So for some of you it will seem like squad war is starting an hour later than usual till April. If this causes any problems, please let me know and Fundin for weekend wars. 


5 thoughts on “Sign up 15-17 March Squad War

  1. I will be travelling for the next 8 days to very remote locations that do not have cell service. I may occasionally come across WIFI in my travels but there are no guarantees.

    If you want to leave me in for the next two squad wars in the hopes that I can get my attacks in, that’s ok by me, however there is the risk that I will not be able to attack at all so it might be best to bench me.

    Your call.

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  2. I’ll not be available at start or until after 6 pm EST for this midweek war. Still good for weekends though.

    If you want to leave me in to help lower base scores and I can do planet take backs or get in attacks later.


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