Sign Up 8-10 March Squad War

Always available: Hel, Nemisis, Kiks, Roger, Luko, Ferguson, SOJ, Kenway, Fundin, Ben, PB, Noob, King, 4ever. If you guys cannot play only need to say unavailable.

Not always available midweek war so wil not be included till they comment can play on a sign up thread: TNT, Hung, Val, AND, Lizard, KP, WRD2.
If you wish to change your set status, or timing wise might not be on please comment on here. 

Never rely on messaging in game – messages disappear after a time, but when it comes to choosing a team I double check comments here. 

February was our best month for max 45 which  we did five times. So far this year we have done that 8 times. 

Thank you for the commitment and time you have put into making this squad not only a force to be reckoned with, but a fun and lively game to play alongside others. 


2 thoughts on “Sign Up 8-10 March Squad War

  1. I can’t guarantee to be online at war time so it’s probably best to bench me.
    If you don’t mind me likely coming on late, then feel free to add me.


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