Squad War Sign Up 22-24 Feb

Always available: Hel, Nemisis, Kiks, Roger, Luko, Ferguson, SOJ, Kenway, Fundin, Ben, PB, Noob, King, 4ever, TNT. If you guys cannot play only need to say unavailable.
Not always available midweek war so wil not be included till they comment can play on a sign up thread: Greg, Hung, Val, AND, Lizard, KP, WRD2.
Matchmaking will be initiated ~6PM Wednesday 22 February with first 24 hours to edit your base for best defence of HQ and request troops. ~6PM Thursday 6PM attacks start. As usual please be at beginning when we can attack – do mention if you might be delayed, or when you will be on. 


3 thoughts on “Squad War Sign Up 22-24 Feb

  1. Will be here as usual but note that PB is upgrading starship base. So he can only really do 1 attack that needs starships. Can still do lvl 9 hoth and erkit without starships and also some players (he has loads of fangs in HC but out of bwings and z35s).


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