An epic draw against Deutsch_imp_187

As Fundin mentioned ten lv10s and five level nines – we were seriously out gunned. Their war results suggested with these planets they would get 45. We had to play for the draw, using the tactics we have perfected against weaker opposition.

Even at 45 V 0 in a matter of minutes, none of you lost heart. We went for it. And in 17 base attacks we made it 45 all. 

This result is as sweet as a victory. Deutsch_imp_187 are so highly ranked than us that the squadsofdeath website ranks a draw against them as good as a win for us. 

Be proud of this – such a result shows that we can stand against much stronger opposition. Our team work is making us better players in these squad wars. 

It is great to see just how far we have come, and where we can go from here. 

The empire will fear us! 


7 thoughts on “An epic draw against Deutsch_imp_187

  1. I salute Cmdr. Fundin “Iron Fist” Redhand for an amazing and EPIC win. Props also to the rest of the team, and to “Doomsday” Planetbuster. I hope you guys don’t mind me offering my respect through aliases, like Darth “Boombastic” TnT, “All-the-way” Kenway, “Death Lord” Suicide King, and “The Arse Kicker” Kiksflores. 😛

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