Squad War Team 15-17 February







This is pretty much becoming the default team, with Luko able to help out if someone drops out. However, I feel matchmaking is better with just 3 level 10s. In our midweek war we have fewer level 9 planet takers compared to weekend.

Kenway, I need you to become the new Valentine – able to take back level 8/9 planets. Need you around for the first hour, looking to see if you should attack a base or hold for planets depending on how active the enemy squad are. Using equipment for that planet should make it easier (see: “stuff you should know” and “how to take planets” pages on this site). 

Matchmaking starts at ~6PM UK today and 24 hours later the 3 attack phase begins. If you cannot play let me know before 6PM. Any issues when you might be on for attack phase, let me know here too. 


3 thoughts on “Squad War Team 15-17 February

  1. Sarjo I will do my best. Wars for me Start around Noon for me so I will try to do a lunch break. Around that time. Been hit my attacks between sales call.


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