Sign up 8-10 February

Hopefully we will have enough numbers to do a squad war this midweek. Please make sure I have you down right for availability.

Always available: Hel, Nemisis, Kiks, Roger, Luko, Ferguson, Kp, kenway, Fundin, Ben, PB, Noob, King, 4ever. If you cannot play only need to say unavailable.

Not always available midweek war till further notice: Val, Greg, Hung, TNT, AND, Lizard. (Greg if you happen to read this do log in to game briefly others when 30 days comes up the game boots you. Hope all is well with the new baby). 

Counting myself that makes 15 available so we should have enough people for a midweek war; though it would make us top heavy hopefully balanced out by 4ever.

So once again, if  you are not able to play, please let me know ASAP on here. Also if you have unlocked any additional planets please leave a comment on the Planets We Have Unlocked page of this site. 
Hope the conflicts are going well – today I finally unlocked desert heavies. Well worth the effort of travelling to planets to do the desert crate objective (despite 1/4 chance of it being two frag data for them). 


8 thoughts on “Sign up 8-10 February

  1. Hi Sarjo. I’ve just started a new job and will be scheduled for training at start of war. I can be on within the hour I believe. Feel free to boot me if you can find a better replacement. If u still want me I will do everything I can to be on asap



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