All read: Squad War Sign Up 1-3 February

I need everyone to state whether they are available or not; we are getting so short of people to choose from it is essential that we know for sure who is available. 

If you are only available from a certain time please state that. Ideally we need everyone on at start especially attackers for the first attack, getting other rtwonin quick as possible. Lower levels ready to grab and retake planets, answering notifications in later part of war. 


10 thoughts on “All read: Squad War Sign Up 1-3 February

  1. Available. Will be at pub from 8pmish on Thursday – usually have used my attacks before then but can do them at pub if necessary. PB available at start too – but cant do anything while at pub (no data allowance on the phone I used for him and no Wifi at pub).


  2. Gang, I am moving feb 2/3 so I won’t be able to be on much this war. Feel free to replace me. Otherwise, I can try and camp planets over night, but that will be about it. If that works and you need a spot throw me in. If not being active at start or end is a problem, which is totally understandable, then I will sit this one out.
    Good luck rebels either way!

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