That was close … too close 

“This will be close – be at your best.”

40 uplinks without Yavin and Takodana was good, but our best was not good enough against this squad as they got 41 uplinks with one attack remaining. 

We win as a team, we lose as a team. People will rue the star they missed, the planet grab that did not work out. All you can do is learn to play the game to give us an edge in a tight war. 

Before the attack phase happens study bases and make plans how to fight, and know how to deal with lv10 troops in a squad centre. If you need tips or want to strategise, then comments on the recon post is the one to do so on. 

We put up a good fight, but them having four level 10s to attack bases (to our two) gave them the edge, with their lower levels taking back level nine planets. 

5 thoughts on “That was close … too close 

  1. Sarj, If we hadn’t brought noob along we would’ve won.
    Like a late active entry could’ve swung things our way. Is it worth considering bringing in an active low level next time even if he/she can’t make the start?

    Like me, I didn’t participate because I doubted I could spend the time. As luck would have it, I was and helped out by donating. But wouldn’t Hung or me have been preferable to have along for scenarios like this?


    • If we didn’t have noob along we would have faced five to seven lv10s … Hung was unavailable and you never mentioned you were available again (last thing I want to do is chase up anyone who’s mother is ill). So respond to sing up post and Team posts else I will not know.


      • You don’t have to chase me up. I said I wasn’t available in chat and didn’t respond to the sign up post All with a reason.

        I just wonder if noob is worth taking over someone who can be on sometime after the war started.
        He’s a garanteed missing 3 attacks and a garanteed 3 point score for the enemy. A war like this shows how good we are that we’re evenly matched with someone who had one active more.

        We don’t bring noob to all fights and we don’t get matched up with full tens even when he isn’t around.


      • Your previous comment sounded like you were available and should have been included. Now I understand you meant preferable someone like yourself playing instead of Noob.

        We included Noob because we were being matched up with squads with far more level 10s – and losing regularly. Also this war we did not have enough people available – without Noob no war.

        We faced a squad where lv10s could do 12/15 of the attacks (to our 6/15) on bases and they had a lv6 who could take lv9 Dandoran.

        In this war by their lv10s keeping their defences low it meant their base score so low they were able to get that advantage.

        Without Noob we will lose more games – we went three weeks without a win till we included Noob and we started winning again midweek wars. We had to do that due to changes the game developers made in matchmaking.

        Frankly so many people are becoming unavailable I am considering going back to just one Squad War a week, which will be the weekend one.

        I know a loss hurts – but after 60 odd squad wars and a 90% win rate we do know what we are doing. Just sucks five uplinks were missed and some people failed to take planets when they tried.

        Ultimately we are missing Greg – a lv9 who was competent to 3 star level 10s with planets, let alone level 9s.


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