One year R3S!

Omega informs that yesterday was when I started Rebel3Squad at his urging, given we were the only ones donating to each other in first squad we had ever joined.

Since then we have had about sixty victorious squad wars  (90% win rate), and donated over 100,000 troops to each other. Together we faced challenges game came up with, and found a way to overcome.

The latest is the update which boosts defensive bonus of equipment. Whilst it means I am winning more defences and crucially keeping resources, trying to win attacks is much harder than it used to be!

Apart from making Rapids, mortars and bursts more viable, for offence they make Z wings and banthas more of a choice for walls, with Kessen and hails for picking off turrets from a distance. Let alone Jugs which just go through walls. Key is deploying your troops in a way they take advantage of the breech however you make. 

So upgrade those walls and equipment – if you have any suggestions since this update do share in comments. 

Thanks for making RS3 what it is today. A squad is only as good as its members. 

Update: twi’s exploding good for taking out walls, and gamerrons good meat shields. 


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