Sign up Squad War 11-13 January

I have Hel, Nemisis, Kiks, Roger, Luko, Val, Ferguson, Kp, kenway, Hung, TNT, Fundin, Ben, PB, Noob as always available. If unavailable, or doubtful, or if included in war buy something comes up – let me know!

If you are available for this war, please leave a comment. 

Matchmaking for war starts ~6PM UK time Wednesday with the attack phase starting 24 hours later on the Thursday. 


18 thoughts on “Sign up Squad War 11-13 January

  1. Sarjo take me off available list for now until further notice. I cant count on being on for war until newborn has settled in. No birth yet but we are on overtime…Will be rather irregular the coming weeks. Good hunting Greg out


  2. Sarj this week I will not be able to do the war because I will go to a job interview & I will not be at 6pm uk available… maybe during the day I could be aware of planets lvl 9 via notifications but I don’t know if that works for you.. so I’ll let you decide if there’s someone more useful than me I would accept to sit down on this one … btw I had unlocked all planets !

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  3. My starship command is still upgrading to level 10 for a week and two days. It’s a big handicap until then. I’ll be available if needed. Thanks for organizing!

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    • Agree – will keep you in mind don’t worry. Problem is matchmaking works best with 3 lv10s. So that leaves me with choosing just two. Thanks for letting me know – lv10 star command will be awesome!


  4. I just got at least 4 flight video projects to do coming up and this week is training so i need to be out for both this one and this weekend’s.


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