Sign up Squad War 14 -16 December

This will be the last squad war I ever lead … for 2016. Fundin is going to see if he can get enough interested people to play a midweek war next week.

I know Hel will be absent for this war from regular line up of available. 

I have [Nemisis], [Greg],  [Luko], Val, Ferguson, kp, kenway, Hung, TNT, Fundin, PB, Noob as always available for midweek war. Anyone else just for this one, or wants to be included as always available for the future, or just this once cannot make it – leave a comment!

Matchmaking starts Wednesday 14 December ~6PM and 24 hours later war starts.

If I do not get enough numbers will cancel as possible people might be busy in run up to Christmas. 

Rebel3Squad 42 V 35 GermanBullSkulls

They had twice level tens to ours. Ranked top 400, while we are top 1300, in the main game. Yet we showed the synergy that makes us contenders in any squad war we take part in. It is about playing as a team, and the new tactic we employed meant we got to 42 which we might not have done otherwise. They ran out of attacks trying to catch us.

Communication, execution and adaption. You did it. And we are winners when the odds were stacked against us. 

Enjoy that feeling – you earned it. 

For the weekend war read Fundin’s post here.