Hoth has fallen

Need to get back Hoth back – score 45 V 21 but best not give an inch. Person that took has no more attacks so feel safe to do so. 

45 V 5 – Standing orders RolloForce

Less than 2 hours 30 minutes into war we got 45 uplinks. A good result for midweek war!

Key now is everyone with attacks girding planets. Have notifications on, and periodically check in game – also make sure you subscribe to blog so get alerts that way too. Good time for those not used to going for lv9 planets to have a go – use guide on blog. 

Well done everyone.

Sign up Squad War 14 -16 December

This will be the last squad war I ever lead … for 2016. Fundin is going to see if he can get enough interested people to play a midweek war next week.

I know Hel will be absent for this war from regular line up of available. 

I have [Nemisis], [Greg],  [Luko], Val, Ferguson, kp, kenway, Hung, TNT, Fundin, PB, Noob as always available for midweek war. Anyone else just for this one, or wants to be included as always available for the future, or just this once cannot make it – leave a comment!

Matchmaking starts Wednesday 14 December ~6PM and 24 hours later war starts.

If I do not get enough numbers will cancel as possible people might be busy in run up to Christmas.