Sign up Squad War 14 -16 December

This will be the last squad war I ever lead … for 2016. Fundin is going to see if he can get enough interested people to play a midweek war next week.

I know Hel will be absent for this war from regular line up of available. 

I have [Nemisis], [Greg],  [Luko], Val, Ferguson, kp, kenway, Hung, TNT, Fundin, PB, Noob as always available for midweek war. Anyone else just for this one, or wants to be included as always available for the future, or just this once cannot make it – leave a comment!

Matchmaking starts Wednesday 14 December ~6PM and 24 hours later war starts.

If I do not get enough numbers will cancel as possible people might be busy in run up to Christmas. 


9 thoughts on “Sign up Squad War 14 -16 December

  1. I don’t think it is wise for me to join this round. I’ve been really busy the past night and it looks to be continuing. Preholiday busyness.

    You can add me if you want and I will do my best to be on but I can’t make any promises.

    I will leave it to your discretion.


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