Squad Wars Over Christmas/Availabilty this Thursday

I will not be starting a squad war on the 21st or 28th December – have not spoken to Fundin but expect he might not be starting a squad war on Christmas Eve. Or New Years Eve for that matter.

My idea, apart from enjoying the holidays without being glued to my phone for six hours every Thursday evening during it, is to upgrade my star command, hero command, droideka etc during those two weeks. That way I will not compromise my ability to play Squad Wars. Would suggest others look to do the same and take advantage of the downtime from wars. Plus some port, Stilton and mince pies. 

So that means we have two mid week squad wars left for the year, matchmaking initiated 7th and 14th December. Can people who might not always be free for Thursday war please confirm if they are. If you responded last week that you are always free no need to comment unless you are not free this time.

Our last war 12/24 uplinks in first eight attacks did for us, but that we came back from that to make it 38 – 41 which shows the resolve and never say die spirit which makes it an honour to lead you all. 


6 thoughts on “Squad Wars Over Christmas/Availabilty this Thursday

  1. Definitely won’t star ta war Christmas Eve – will be out Christmas day myself and doubt very much I’d get anywhere near 15 for it.

    Will think about New Years Eve – whilst I’ll be out New Year’s Eve I’ll be home New Year’s Day so in theory could start a war before I went out NYE then be around to run it NYD no problem.

    In principle I could run mid-week ones instead tthose 2 weeks – my star command heroc command are maxed (pus hero command doesn’t matter as got loads of heroes in HQ to pull out) amd droidekas I usually just crystal. But if there’s any significant number of people who just want to take some time off then would make sense to do that. I’m actually more available than usual over Christmas (other than Christmas Day istelf and New Year’s Eve).

    Maybe I run one on the 21st then next one not until the first midweek one in January (3rd I think).

    If members can indicate what they personally would prefer then that should make it easy.


    • Will be back for matchmaking Wednesday 4th January 2017 as normal for mid week wars – if you can get 15 people want to fight for 21st then by all means lead. As I will be new level 10 then I want to use the two weeks to get transports/barracks etc up to lv10 so HQ troops will be lv10.


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