A Win On The Cards – But We Made It Hard For Us

Hel taking Yavin means we control planets. With just seven attacks left, they take one planet now they cannot win. They need 100% 7 base wins with those attacks to get 42 uplinks. Based on how they have fought, very doubtful. 

I do not want to go into naming names why it was difficult, but we are lucky to be in this position. I am pleased we have come through and a big thanks is due to those that stepped up – but we made this hard for ourselves and nearly gave a disorganised squad victory on a plate. Those that came on and followed gameplan and adapted so we could win did really well. A special thanks to Hung, who with King, stepped up to take planets and retakes at start when others did not show. Dogma going for tough targets for their level and still getting 4/6, and TNT getting 3/3 on a much higher level target and finding a new way to take Hoth.

Kik learnt to take Yavin lv9 and their quick take backs stopped a mass attack that followed from hurting us, and Val might have a way of taking lv9 Takodana next time. Kp impressed with 8/9 attacks. Greg and Fundin great as ever, with Roger and Hel taking planets in later part of game.

However, Españawars controlled Yavin for an hour at one stage and during another for 43 minutes. Had they mass attacked during those two time periods we might have lost. Their incompetence saved us. So planet takers ensure you are subscribed to this blog by email so you do not just rely on game notifications to know when a planet is taken. Also, come into the game periodically if you aren’t playing it to see if everything is fine. 

To remain in squad wars:

  • You must read gameplan recon post prior to war, and follow instructions. We get main attackers to name targets by commenting on the post – people should be aware who to attack and not to or else people cannot build troops for the base they want to attack with any confidence.
  • You must subscribe to the blog by email to get alerts. Good idea to manually subscribe to comments in a recon post too. 
  • If attacking bases you must be on at start of war and get first 2-3 attacks in the first 2-3 hours.
  • If you are designated a planet taker/attacker in blog post you must state if you cannot do so at start of war, ideally comment on blog, in good time. Even better if you can mention when provisional squad team is announced!
  • If I give you an order in game chat, by all means discuss, but if it stands and you refuse to follow, then I will find someone else to play in squad wars that will, so we win easily.

WRD2 failed on all these counts – and made a big thing just moments before squad war started that they would leave. This is not the first time they have threatened, and my patience at such behaviour is now at an end. They then came on nearly three hours after start, they requested troops which I rushed with crystals, then failed to attack coming back hours later to do so. Twice during war I asked them to retake Yavin. Twice they refused, despite that lv7 Hel can take it while WRD2 is a lv10 and as a lv9 I can do it without using star command or droidekas.

Others had to abandon planet duties to attack because we had no idea whether WRD2 was ever coming on to attack. There was no explanation offered when they did come on late. Nor any apology. 

If I ever gave the impression that the squad or myself could be treated this way, then I am sorry for that. We have so many good hard working players following the gameplan that to exclude them would be unforgivable for me or Fundin, for someone that does not. 

If you are in a squad war you cannot actually leave a squad. To help WRD2 leave if they decide after discussions with me, he will not be included in any future squad wars till further notice, while they decide what to do. 

What they do next is up to them. I have repeatedly asked them to talk to me by pm via the forum about their concerns. 

This is their last chance to finally do so. 

If they do leave the squad after reading this, I thank them for the good times in the past and wish them well in a new squad, all the best in the game, and well for the future. 


One thought on “A Win On The Cards – But We Made It Hard For Us

  1. Dear all Rebels.

    I can understand the disappointment of Sarjo and all other Rebels of this wonderful team and therefore I think it is proper to offer my apologies to all of you, but in the same way, as I am ready to make a step back and acknowledge my fault, I would like that others also recognize that some of their behaviors are not acceptable to me and maybe also not even by others.

    In this regard I would like to resume and doubly emphasize my statement about “this wonderful team”, calling for more mutual respect between all of us.

    This is precisely what created my recent nervousness. Unfortunately our splendid Team, although it has become much stronger and more powerful, thanks to the new arrivals, has at the same time lost in terms of coordination and perhaps to some extent, also in terms of respect.

    I have nothing against anyone and I also understand that sometimes there are technical problems or delays in the chat, which we all know well, but it was for several days and I think that I was not the only one to have been in this situation, that I was constantly creating troops or vehicles, announcing everything correctly in chat, while others having ignored this excellent system used already for a long time, they put me in difficulty, so as to arrive at the beginning of the war, having 22 Speeders in my SQ center and Transports. No one was available to help me to offload, although asking for support since from the morning. Ok, it went how it went, I’ll see to be more accurate and faster in the future.

    Let us come now to the concerns highlighted by Sarjo. It seems that I somehow refused to follow orders. Sorry, I do not think so, because I was one of the first supporters that the fulfillment of orders is paramount and I have always shown in the past to have a certain ability to execute all orders, as well as be ready to compete with much stronger opponents myself. Several times, when I was still level 8, I proved also well that I have no difficulty to break down opponents 1 or 2 levels above the mine.

    In the last war, when Sarjo was giving me the order, unfortunately I didn’t have the proper weapons to do what was requested or somehow ordered. This is mainly the reason why I did not run. I believe, and it seems that we all agree cause moreover it is part of our rules, we should attack only when we are ready and we are sure to succeed. Unfortunately it happened that as soon as I received notice that my troops were ready, I was attacked (5s), losing the contents of my center and my Droideka SQ. A mere coincidence that happened, never ever I refused in the past, or never ever I would think to refuse to carry out orders.

    I write my thoughts in a public way because I believe that this post report end the war, it concerns me personally and especially your greatest disappointment is addressed to me, is also correct to call everyone to a higher mutual respect that is what he did great and winning this group.

    Sincerely, WRD2.


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