Squad War 9-11 November 2016

Congratulations to Fundin and the squad for winning the 50th Squad War we ever played. Enough of a reason to have champagne with the freshly caught Maine Lobsters.

For my line up, which will be finally selected 6PM Wednesday 9 November when matchmaking initiated, I will try to include those that did not take part last war. My overriding choice is a squad that will win and players that follow the gameplan. Taking turns will be second to that. The more you impress Fundin and myself, and unlock planets we need in squad wars to take if lower level, is the way to become a regular.

Of our new members kprostyle and kenway will be included. I need to know kp and Ken if you can get at least two base attacks in between 6pm-8:30PM Thursday 10 November, and what planets at level 9 you have taken in previous wars. Also, (especially Kenway) can you answer notifications to take back lv9 planets and during what time?

Provisional Squad War Team






Sarjo/TNT (if too busy King – let me know!)

Please leave a comment on here to let me know you are available, or not, be on at a later time (say when on!) and answering any questions posed here. If you cannot play please let me know as far in advance as possible of 6PM matchmaking this Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Squad War 9-11 November 2016

  1. I should be available for this Wednesday war. I have new toys to get killed. 🙂
    I even hope to have my Heavies up to speed by then.

    Fundin if you read this:
    I already know that I will not be available for this Sunday war.


  2. Sarjo , I will be late to the war tomorrow I have a Dr. Appointment
    If he gets me in and out Quick I mite be on time but that’s wishful thinking
    Haha .


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