Squad War 5-7 November 2016

From Fundin, please all read:

First off, let me welcome our new squad members. We try to be friendly and play as a team – whilst also trying to approach squad wars in a competent and organised manner.This is my first time leading a squad war. For those who have been a member for a while very little is going to be different between how I run a war and how Sarjo does. We have a system that works well for us so there’s no need to make any major changes to it. The only thing which is going to be a bit different is squad selecition for the war. That’s simply because until now there hasn’t been much need for it – everyone who is competent., active at roughly the right times and wanting to play has got to play nearly all the time. Now we have more members there’ll have to be a bit more rigorous selection. I’ll get to that in a bit. First let me explain briefly how we do wars for our new members.

Our basic strategy in wars is to grab the outposts early, hold them for a few hours during which we take most enemy uplinks then deny the key planet(s) to the enemy thereafter making it hard for them to get maximum uplinks from us. Those members in the war team have different roles and responsibilities – most of current members have the same role every war.

In this war I’d like to include 2 or 3 of our new members. To do that I need to know what role(s) you can fill. In broad terms there are three roles members have in a war – each of which has different requirements.

1. Low levels (below 7). These members’ largest contribution is in bringing down our squad rating for match-making purposes. A few low lvl (more accurately low rating) members prevents us getting opposition where half of opposition are maxed lvl 10s. If on at the start of the war these members can do initial planet grabs (and first retakes). None of our new members are low enough level to do this I think. But requirement for this is low base rating, maxed planetary control for lvl and being able to be online for first hour or so of war. I’d like existing members who fall in this category to confirm if they can be around at start of war (TNT has already confirmed he can) – as last round there was some ucnertainty over who would be here until the very last minute.

2. Attackers. At present we operate with 5 attackers – all of whom do at least 2 attacks in first 2 hours of the war (most do 3). In addition to these some other members will usually be asked to do 1 attack. The absolute requirement for this role is to be able to get in at least 2 attacks in first 2 hours of war. You also need to be able to attack targets of your own HQ level. That means you need research (on all main units you use), transports, squad centre, starship command no more than 1 level lower than your HQ. If you’re a new member who wants to try this role on Sunday then leave a comment here saying so (or catch me in game chat) – and confirming that you’ll be able to do at least 2 attacks in first hour of war and that you have research/transports etc no more than 1 level below your HQ level. I’d like to get 1 or 2 of you in on this role.

3. Planet takers. These are the members responsible for keeping control of planets in the early stages of the war and then retaking key planets later in the war. To fill this role you need to have a substantial period of time during the war where you will either be online or will have notifications online and respond when a planet is taken on your watch. You also need to be able to take most planets at lvl 9 (which means having maxed or near-maxed Planetary Control and decent reserach levels and transports/squad centre/starship command). There are instructions on this blog for all planets. I believe all are possible for a maxed lvl 8 – and probably for a maxed lvl 7 with good conflict unlocks etc. If you’re a new member who wants to try this role on Sunday then leave a comment here indicating what time period you’d be able to provide cover on and which planets you have unlocked. Also please indicate whether you can be around for the start of war – as that’s useful if we get an active enemy.

Please note that there’s no role of “I’ll try and get on at some time during the war and see what needs doing.” That’s what most of our opposition seem to do – and it just doesn’t work very well.

I probably won’t make final call on who is in until very near the war start. Existing players who were in the last war DON’T need to confirm they’ll be around unless they’re in the low level group. Obviously DO let me know if you won’t be around at the times you usually are – or if you’d prefer to take the war off.


4 thoughts on “Squad War 5-7 November 2016

  1. Thanks Fundin for the explanation. Its refreshing to be with a squad with a plan! What time and time zone are you planning to kick it off? That will help me decide my level of participation. Thanks for organizing!


  2. If you have any question feel free to ask – I’ve probably missed out a few things.

    War will be initiated at 18:00 UK Time (GMT). Hopefully it’ll start same time Sunday – bu ta decent chance it’ll start an hour later (if GMs interpret it as starting same US time – as clocks go back there).


    • Once again, cheers for the welcome mate. I have unlocked all plants except Hoth, I do struggle at times to win them back once they are lvl 9 at times, I’m going to read through your unlocking planets blog for some pointers. I am always available during wars but I would consider myself a low lvl 10 member as I have just upgraded to this lvl and it takes time to lvl everything up as you know.. If you think you can use me I would be happy to join in as war times suit me and I am readily available.


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