Luko: Er Kit

This is from Luko: 

Er-Kit sight.

So we all know setting up shop on Er-Kit can save us from continuous attacks and we can survive for a period of time without protection. My question to everyone is about the imperial bases on Er-Kit. WHY in the F are the resources from these IMP bases so low? like 4K, 6K or 10K resources available to pillage. These are level 10 or so bases and there is NOTHING to steal. you’d think the factories alone would be pumping out enough to have 70K worth of resources. but it seems like EVERYTHING is sub 10K. it baffles me. all factories seem to be lvl 7 or higher so that tells me there is 6 to 10K in each factory that should be regenerating ALL the time. but there is never anything there. I’m assuming alot of these bases are dormant as all droid pads are empty so I just can’t figure out why there is never anything to steal. Anyone have any idea?

My theory is the bases with low resources are attacked constantly, but not necessarily defeated. Result factories have hardly anything in them. Now and again come across one with say 50k-70k in total. 

My guess is such bases flash up for lower levels, who cannot get a star when they hit but get loot, and then we higher levels get to hit them when not enough actives for us to attack. 

No idea if that is true. Thoughts? Leave a comment! 


3 thoughts on “Luko: Er Kit

  1. I remember reading on the official SW commander forums a lot of talk about so called developer bases. Bases with very low pay and terrible layout so you can more easily get stars on an otherwise quiet planet.
    I have no idea if this is related or if it was true but it does sound like that.


      • I read same thing and it makes sense to me. Seems to me there’s a few different tpes of bases on Erkit.

        1. The ones that give 40-80k of each resource. These are inactives that get stripped of resources whenever they come oout of protection.
        2. Developer ones. These give less than 10k of each resource.

        In non-conflict times on Erkit you occasionally get no targets at all there. Then a conflict starts and suddenly there’s tons of type 2. Pretty sure they’re just ones added in so that there’s always a target to hit during conflicts: otherwise it would be massively unfair to us rebels.

        However you look at it the issue there is simpy that there’s very few active Imps there so not enough decent targets to go around. But as somewhere to sit in safely when got resources it’s great.


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