When the Clocks Go Back

In the UK and EU the clocks go back this Sunday. For our US and Candian friends it is next Sunday. This means:

In UK Sunday 30th October attack phase will be 5PM (an hour sooner) than when matchmaking started at 6PM previous day.

When I start matchmaking Wednesday 2 Novemeber, in US and outside Europe, will be an hour earlier than normal, as will attack phase. 

Once we get to Sunday 6 November clocks will have gone back for us all so squad wars will start at the same for everyone as they always have.

Any confusion refer to countdown in the game!

Need to know if next Wednesday squad war will cause problems for those of you based in the US.

Those who have clocks go back in UK/US can you come on 5PM UK time this Sunday or will you be later? 


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