Squad War 29-31 October

The clocks go back for us Brits this Sunday – so while matchmaking will start 6PM UK time today, the attack phase will be 5PM for us on Sunday. Will this cause any problems for when people can be on? Let me know if no problem or if it makes sense to start an hour later today or if that screws up start times in rest of the world. 

Want to give Suicide King a chance to fight this war – usually Hung busy at weekend so might swap round. Otherwise squad team the same as last time unless someone lets me know too busy to play.

As always let me know in advance either commenting here (let me know your player name if not obvious) before I choose the team.

Great job getting to level 40!

2 thoughts on “Squad War 29-31 October

  1. I won’t be able to be on at start at 5PM U.K. Time because kids. Probably doesn’t matter to the team/war too much as the ‘usual’ war shift for me is planet retakes starting a few hours in and 1 attack before bed.


  2. 1700 for you means 1800 for me which means that I have no idea what I will be doing at that point. Could be eating dinner, could be preparing dinner. In the case of the second I can be online briefly. In the case of the first I will not be online. We shall see, sorry that I can’t be more specific.


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