40th Squad War Win!

Well done on our 40th win – one where everyone played their part to the full! 

Val is going to be absent from the next two squad wars – as an important planet grabber at the start and during the first hour I need others to step up. 

Hung has said they can be on at start when attack phase happens Thursday (that covers Hoth and Tatooine) but until we know which planets we will face planning tricky. Without Tatooine it will be difficult for lower levels to help. 

Crucial Lizard and Dogma can be on at start – if you cannot please let me know soon as you can!

Squad War Team 19-21 October






Let me know what planets you have unlocked – see the page with that title on this site and leave a comment if I need to update. 

King let me know when you have upgraded enough at your new level to take part in squad wars.


Back near beginning of Septmeber wrote about the need for you to upgrade your turrets and shields to be effective in squad war defences. 

Instead of doing that, you upgraded HQ to lv10. While you still have lv8/7 turrets/shields and lv8 transports.

If I include you in wars we risk getting proper level 10s against us. So until you have lv10 transports and level 10 units to attack with, and a base capable of defending as a strong level 9, I cannot use you in squad wars without matchmaking screwing us all over.  

Please note that everyone – rushing your HQ level without upgrading other stuff (especially at higher levels) risks bad matchmaking for us in squad wars. 


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