Squad War 12 October – 14 October

Our tactic of making us less level nine top heavy, and including two more lv5 or under has meant we are back to winning squad wars. It has meant that some regulars were dropped while we experimented with this. 

I intend to get the balance right – people who have always been on at the beginning of a war, get all their attacks in or were ready to take planets, have a well defended base and communicate with me as well as read this blog should always be part of the squad team. Those that come on late, will rotate with each other. 

I appreciate time differences and commitments play a part in that, but we can only afford so many to be late to the party. In a close war players who that get their attacks in while we control planets at start are more likely to get uplinks. 

The upshot is Nemisis/Focker will rotate with each other for the one level nine open slot. 

Focker has been asking to be back in squad and promised to edit their sullust base; so Focker’s turn this Wednesday. Nemisis will be at the weekend war. 

Darth TNT/Darth Vader/Hung So Low/Planetbuster will rotate for the two lv6 and below slots. The plan is for Planetbuster to be able to take planets at start of a war. 

It is Hung So Low turn; will see if Planetbuster is ready to take Tatooine if not TNT will be in this war or otherwise definitely the one at the weekend.

That leaves: 

Fundin/WRD2/Greg/AND/Roger/Lizard/Hel/Dogma/Lemons/Litri as the regular line up in each war. 

Lemons might have an issue playing at the weekend – Lem can you confrim if still the case? – I which case will open slot for lv6 and below. 

Mincie and Rico are back up.


4 thoughts on “Squad War 12 October – 14 October

  1. I’ve already been preparing my base for war since you mentioned I might get a turn, all of my defenses except walls will be maxed out tomorrow morning. And I have a boatload of infltrators, 4 fat guys with guns and 12 luggabeasts.
    I hope I can get in.


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