Quick note to newbies

Have added three of you to this squad war – and the good news is you have low level bases to hit. If you can be on at the start of the war to grab Tatooine would be big help to us.

Key point: when requesting troops skiffs and speeders what you want but also stress you want Fundin lv10 when you request.

Good luck and feel free to ask for help – but listen to Jen’ as she talks you through it if your first ever squad war! 


2 thoughts on “Quick note to newbies

  1. I expect to be online in which case I’ll make Tattooine a priority.
    Why exactly do you want us weaklings to take it. Doesn’t that make the Tattooine base defense only lvl5 and thus easy for them to take back?


    • We wait till they start taking planets for a few minutes – then take back. In a planet grab it goes up a level each time. Key thing is to have it when we attack because it boosts vehicles and in defence boosts vehicles in our squad centres.


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