Request Bug And Rep Points

You must post a message after you have requested to say you have done so; otherwise some of us will not know you have!

Just to show you what I mean this is two screen shots in the same minute on chat. One with no requests showing (despite option to display “All” in top right). 

However, when I chose in the top right button “Request” we can see Fundin’s request from a few minutes ago. Along with all the other requests completed. 

So please post a message to say you have requested or else you might be waiting a long time for troops!

Squad War 6PM – I will change Hung So Low for Darth Vadar so as to give everyone of lower levels a chance to play. If TNT wants to be included you had better start investing the reputation (rep) points in the perk upgrade.

You will find that on the bottom left hand tab of chat. Then click perk upgrade – at the bottom you can see how many rep points you have (as you can in your squad centre where you can also see how many you can hold at any one time as “reputation capacity).

As you can see above I don’t have a reputation point (but could hold up to 22 before losing any), but if I did have any “Hired Guns” is the only perk to upgrade so I would tap that one then chose how much to invest in it.

Remember to tap “upgrade” to invest rep points and under “activate” to make use of perks as you need. 

Have a look at them all! 


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